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1929 Crash quotes by Benoit B Mandelbrot
#1. In the 1960's, some old-timers on Wall Street-the men who remembered the trauma of the 1929 Crash and the Great Depression-gave me a warning: "When we fade from this business, something will be lost. That is the memory of 1929." Because of that personal recollection, they said, they acted with more caution, than they otherwise might. Collectively, their generation provided an in-built brake on the wildest form of speculation, an insurance policy against financial excess and consequent catastrophe. Their memories provided a practical form of long-term dependence in the financial markets. Is it any wonder that in 1987 when most of those men were gone and their wisdom forgotten, the market encountered its first crash in nearly sixty years? Or that, two decades later, we would see the biggest bull market, and the worst bear market, in generations? Yet standard financial theory holds that, in modeling markets, all that matters is today's news and the expectations of tomorrow's news. #Quote by Benoit B Mandelbrot
1929 Crash quotes by Ben Bernanke
#2. After the 1929 crash, the Federal Reserve mistakenly focused its policies on preserving the gold value of the dollar rather than on stabilizing the domestic economy. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
1929 Crash quotes by Rebecca Wells
#3. I now know that things I always thought I could depend on can crash in an instant. Because of the love that I have been shown, I now know what it means to be 'beloved.' I now know that no breath is to be taken for granted. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
1929 Crash quotes by Amie Kaufman
#4. Ezra.' The dawn of hope in her whisper.
He nods, swallowing hard.
She pushes to her feet, swaying, and the movement seems to release him - the next moment he's running across the shuttle bay, watched by the debrief crew in the doorway, who know better than to move a muscle.
She steps forward, one foot in front of the other, and then he reaches her, and they come together with a crash. Her arms curl up around his neck, and his mouth finds her like he's drowning and she's air and her feet come clean off the ground as the world is forgotten. And they're together. #Quote by Amie Kaufman
1929 Crash quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#5. There are foods you should avoid. For me, sugar is a no. Because it gives me a spike and then a crash. #Quote by Carrie Brownstein
1929 Crash quotes by Jared Diamond
#6. Our biggest threat is not an asteroid about to crash into us, something we can do nothing about. Instead, all the major threats facing us today are problems entirely of our own making. And since we made the problems, we can also solve the problems. #Quote by Jared Diamond
1929 Crash quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#7. It remains a mystery why these three young men, veterans of the same training and the same crash, differed so radically in their perceptions of their plight. Maybe the difference was biological; some men may be wired for optimism, others for doubt. As a toddler, Louie had leapt from a train #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
1929 Crash quotes by John Dos Passos
#8. But you just watch, little girl. I'm goin' to show 'em. In five years they'll come crawlin' to me on their bellies. I don't know what it is, but I got a kind of feel for the big money. #Quote by John Dos Passos
1929 Crash quotes by C.S. Pacat
#9. Ride!' went the call, and the individuals of the troop became a single lurching, streaming mass of horseflesh pounding toward the trees.
The first of the men reached the tree line moments before the sound became a roar, the crack and crash of stones, of huge granite boulders large enough to smash into other parts of the cliff and send them driving downwards. The thundering sound, echoing off the walls of the mountain, was frightening and panicked the horses almost more than the boulders at their heels. It was as though the whole surface of the cliff loosened, dissolved into a liquid surface: a rain of stone, a rolling wave of stone. #Quote by C.S. Pacat
1929 Crash quotes by Gordon Vivace
#10. Whatever your methods, your point about drugs must be made. If you're lucky enough to have a heroin addict in your extended family, you can always park him at the threshold of your child's bedroom door for a few hours right before bed time. It's much more effective than those car crash docudramas that are supposed to keep kids from drinking and driving, and it's free; unless you have to buy the heroin to get the guy to do it. It's a tough love kind of solution, but I got over it and so will your kid. #Quote by Gordon Vivace
1929 Crash quotes by Norman Ralph Augustine
#11. Law Number XIV: After the year 2015, there will be no airplane crashes. There will be no takeoffs either, because electronics will occupy 100 percent of every airplane's weight. #Quote by Norman Ralph Augustine
1929 Crash quotes by Tom Vanderbilt
#12. Intersections are crash magnets. #Quote by Tom Vanderbilt
1929 Crash quotes by Marc Faber
#13. Our best long-term and intermediate cycles suggest another slowdown and stock crash accelerating between very early 2014 and early 2015, and possibly lasting well into 2015 or even 2016. The worst economic trends due to demographics will hit between 2014 and 2019. The U.S. economy is likely to suffer a minor or major crash by early 2015 and another between late 2017 and late 2019 or early 2020 at the latest. #Quote by Marc Faber
1929 Crash quotes by Cassandra Clare
#14. He has a fiancée, Emma. Not even just a girlfriend. A fiancée. Who knows how long he's even been engaged? Engaged. To get married."
"I'll crash the wedding," Emma suggested. "I'll jump out of the cake, but not in a sexy way. Like, with grenades. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
1929 Crash quotes by Anyta Sunday
#15. Guess I'll have to crash here again with you," Wesley said with a grin.
"You planned it that way."
"Whatever would make you think that?" Lloyd's expression said 'really?' "You made us watch the 1964 movie Sleep. #Quote by Anyta Sunday
1929 Crash quotes by Karina Halle
#16. Like I was in a helicopter crash, I tell her. #Quote by Karina Halle
1929 Crash quotes by Bernie Morris
#17. Recovery

The time has come for tears to start again,
Those faithful tears that always ease the pain.
Release the raging rivers of my soul!
Let me drown and then rise up again.

Let me drown until the river dries,
Until the numbing coldness settles in.
See the world once more with empty eyes,
No spark of warmth can penetrate the skin.
Crash the thunder! Howl the wind!
Freeze my heart and beat the driving rain!
Let me know these dreams are empty lies.
Let me die and come to life again.

In the silent darkness of my mind,
Let me wonder who you really are.
Let me feel that you were just a dream.
That fades on waking like the morning star… #Quote by Bernie Morris
1929 Crash quotes by Monica Drake
#18. To read 'Happy Talk' is to crash a party as vivid and surreal as Felini's 8. It's the business of show business, the American dream, told by a chorus of Americans locked just outside of that dream, outside of the United States, relegated to expatriate status on the shores of Haiti. Melo paints a version of Haiti that's an interior landscape perhaps even more than an externalized place. This Haiti is a plan, a memory, a morphine-drip fueled dream out to bond its inhabitants forever. #Quote by Monica Drake
1929 Crash quotes by Barbara Kruger
#19. As with the Princess Di crash, which sent the media on the most insane feeding frenzy. From the moment of the crash, the pornography of sentiment never let up. #Quote by Barbara Kruger
1929 Crash quotes by Milton Friedman
#20. The Depression, which started in 1929 was rather mild from 1929 to 1930. And, indeed, in my opinion would have been over in 1931 at the latest had it not been that the Federal Reserve followed a policy which led to bank failures, widespread bank failures, and led to a reduction in the quantity of money. #Quote by Milton Friedman
1929 Crash quotes by Elle Kennedy
#21. There are five unread messages on the screen, which is what happens when you're the meat in a hot girl sandwich. Threesomes trump checking your phone. That's a no-brainer.

Logan: Hey, bro, Wellsy's friend Allie is crashing at our place this weekend.

Logan: Keep your dick in your pants. G and I aren't in the mood to beat u senseless if u try something. Wellsy might be in the mood for violence, tho. So: dick = pants = don't bother our guest.

Hannah: Allie's staying with u guys til Sunday. She's in a vulnerable place right now. Don't take advantage of her or else I'll be unhappy. And u don't want to make me unhappy, do u?

I snicker. Hannah, diplomatic as always. I quickly scan the last two messages.

Garrett: Allie's gonna crash in my room.

Garrett: Your dick can stay in your room.

Jeez, what is everybody's fascination with my dick? #Quote by Elle Kennedy
1929 Crash quotes by Mark Haddon
#22. With English literature, if you do a bit of shonky spelling, no one dies, but if you're half-way through a maths calculation and you stick in an extra zero, everything just crashes into the ravine. #Quote by Mark Haddon
1929 Crash quotes by Jennifer Niven
#23. I don't want to hear about the cardinal again. Because the thing of it is, that cardinal was dead either way, whether he came inside or not. Maybe he knew it, and maybe that's why he decided to crash into the glass a little harder than normal that day. He would have died in here, only slower, because that's what happens when you're a Finch. The marriage dies. The love dies. The people fade away. I #Quote by Jennifer Niven
1929 Crash quotes by William H. Gass
#24. Nevertheless, it would be prudent to remain concerned. For, like death, IT would come: Armageddon. There would be-without exaggeration-a series of catastrophes. As a consequence of the evil in man...-no mere virus, however virulent, was even a burnt match for our madness, our unconcern, our cruelty-...there would arise a race of champions, predators of humans: namely earthquakes, eruptions, tidal waves, tornados, typhoons, hurricanes, droughts-the magnificent seven. Floods, winds, fires, slides. The classical elements, only angry. Oceans would warm, the sky boil and burn, the ice cap melt, the seas rise. Rogue nations, like kids killing kids at their grammar school, would fire atomic-hydrogen-neutron bombs at one another. Smallpox would revive, or out of the African jungle would slide a virus no one understood. Though reptilian only in spirit, the disease would make us shed our skins like snakes and, naked to the nerves, we'd expire in a froth of red spit. Markets worldwide would crash as reckless cars on a speedway do, striking the wall and rebounding into one another, hurling pieces of themselves at the spectators in the stands. With money worthless-that last faith lost-the multitude would riot, race against race at first, God against God, the gots against the gimmes. Insects hardened by generations of chemicals would consume our food, weeds smother our fields, fire ants, killer bees sting us while we're fleeing into refuge water, where, thrashing we would drown, our pride #Quote by William H. Gass
1929 Crash quotes by Peter Russell
#25. We have been conditioned since birth with the belief that satisfaction of these inner needs comes through our interaction with the world. We seek inner fulfillment through what we have or what we do, through the experiences the world provides, and through the ways others behave toward us. This is the meme that governs so much of our thinking and behavior: the meme that says whether or not we are content with life depends on what we have and what we do. Prevalent as this meme may be, it seldom provides any lasting satisfaction. A person may gather a great deal of wealth, but is he really more secure? More than likely, he will soon find new sources of insecurity. Are my investments safe? Will the stock market crash? Can I trust my friends? Should I employ "security" companies to protect my possessions? #Quote by Peter Russell
1929 Crash quotes by Reba McEntire
#26. Never have doubted it, even when the plane crash happened. I wasn't mad at God. I just knew that there was a reason that I didn't know about why it happened. #Quote by Reba McEntire
1929 Crash quotes by Emery Lord
#27. Maybe in my next life, I'll be a wave in the ocean, and you'll be a mountain, and we'll spend years and years brushing up against each other. You'll shift so painfully slowly, and some days I'll crash right into you and other days I'll approach gently, licking your sides. That sounds like us, doesn't it? #Quote by Emery Lord
1929 Crash quotes by Anne Lamott
#28. Being on a book tour is like being on the seesaw when you're a little kid. The excitement is in having someone to play with, and in rising up in the air, but then you're at the mercy of those holding you down, and if it's your older brother, or Paul Wolfowitz, they leap up, so that you crash down and get hurt. #Quote by Anne Lamott
1929 Crash quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#29. I've talked with people of stature-of military and government credentials and position-and heard their stories, and their desire to tell their stories openly to the public. And that got my attention very, very rapidly ... The first hand experiences of these credible witnesses that, now in advanced years are anxious to tell their story, we can't deny that, and the evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident, and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that crash site. #Quote by Edgar Mitchell
1929 Crash quotes by Cassandra Clare
#30. You seem lost in thought," Magnus remarked. "Are you considering how glamorous and romantic your boyfriend is?" "I'm considering," said Alec, "how to protect you if we crash the balloon into a chimney. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
1929 Crash quotes by Chet Faker
#31. I have had a pretty hardcore crash course on living out of a suitcase. Some people take consistency in their lives for granted. When you have little to none, you discover it's kind of a nice thing. #Quote by Chet Faker
1929 Crash quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#32. Clap! Snap! the black crack! Grip, grab! Pinch, nab! And down down to Goblin-town You go, my lad! Clash, crash! Crush, smash! Hammer and tongs! Knocker and gongs! Pound, pound, far underground! Ho, ho! my lad! Swish, smack! Whip crack! Batter and beat! Yammer and bleat! Work, work! Nor dare to shirk, While Goblins quaff, and Goblins laugh, Round and round far underground Below, my lad! #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
1929 Crash quotes by Michael Moore
#33. Nobody has been arrested on Wall Street for the crash of 2008. They're not paying their fair share of the taxes. And now with the Citizens United case of the Supreme Court, they get to buy politicians up out in the open. #Quote by Michael Moore

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