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Famous Quotes About 1852 California

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1852 California quotes by Don Carpenter
#1. Southern California is the land of crazy crimes. #Quote by Don Carpenter
1852 California quotes by Sarah Ockler
#2. Dear Matt,
In less than a day, I' ll be standing on the same sand you stood on so many times before. Well, not the same sand, with the tides and winds and erosion and all of that, but the same symbolic sand. I'm so excited and scared that I can' t sleep – even though I have to wake up in five hours!
You know, I saved every one of your postcards. They're here in a box under my bed – all the little stories you sent, like little pieces of California. Like the beach glass you guys always brought me. Sometimes I dump it out on my desk and press my ear to the pieces, trying to hear the ocean. Trying to hear you.
But you don' t say anything.
Remember how you' d come back from your vacation on the beach and tell me what it really felt like? What the ocean sounded like at dawn when the beach was deserted? What your hair and skin tasted like after swimming in saltwater all day? How the sand could burn your feet as you walked on it, but if you stuck your toes in, it was cold and wet underneath? How you spent three hours sitting on Ocean Beach just to watch the sun sink into the water a million miles away? If I closed my eyes as you were talking, it was like I was there, like your stories were my stories. In many ways, I feel as if I have memories of you there, too. Do you think that's crazy?
Matt, please don' t think badly about Frankie's contest. It's just a silly game. It's so Frankie, you know?
No, I guess you wouldn' t. You' d kill her if you did! #Quote by Sarah Ockler
1852 California quotes by Bernie Sanders
#3. Vermont is such a small state, and the most money that's ever been spent in the history of political campaigns there is $2 million. That number is going to be surpassed many times. Vermont remains a "cheap state" for the Republican National Committee. So putting $5 or $10 million into Vermont - compared to New York or California or Illinois - that's small potatoes. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
1852 California quotes by Codi Gary
#4. He couldn't stop the grin that spread across his face. Who knew Miss California would be good in a bar fight. #Quote by Codi Gary
1852 California quotes by Julie James
#5. The full California workup: shopping on Rodeo Drive, a ridiculously overpriced lunch at the Ivy, an afternoon at the beach, and dinner at a quaint outdoor bistro in Santa Monica. #Quote by Julie James
1852 California quotes by Jared Huffman
#6. I tell people that I represent the district with a third of the California coast, the biggest trees in the world, some of the best wine grapes in the world, and about 60 percent of the marijuana produced in America. #Quote by Jared Huffman
1852 California quotes by Seann William Scott
#7. I went to college for about a year in California. #Quote by Seann William Scott
1852 California quotes by Robert Osborne
#8. I went to California at a perfect time ... when many of those people that I had admired so much in films were not working that much. They had free time on their hands to talk to ... me, and they liked me because I knew so much about them. #Quote by Robert Osborne
1852 California quotes by Buan Boonaca
#9. Nothing was in walking distance, so the sidewalks stayed empty and clean, free from the discoloration dirty-shoed pedestrians cause. #Quote by Buan Boonaca
1852 California quotes by Eve Babitz
#10. Max's laugh was like a dragnet; it picked up every living laugh within the vicinity and shined a light on it, intensified it, pitched it higher. It was a dare
he dared you not to laugh with him. He dared you to despair. He dared you to insist that there was no dawn, that all there was was darkness, that there was no silver lining, that the heart didn't grow fonder by absence. He dared you to believe you were going to die
when you at that moment knew, just as he did, that you were immortal, you were among the gods. #Quote by Eve Babitz
1852 California quotes by Brendon Urie
#11. From the first time I heard Bob Marley or even Sublime, I wanted to move out to California and be near the ocean, start surfing, start being a part of that whole thing. #Quote by Brendon Urie
1852 California quotes by Daniel Humm
#12. When I moved to the United States, I first went to California to be the chef at Campton Place. As much as I loved California, I really missed the seasons. So when I moved to New York, I had that again. #Quote by Daniel Humm
1852 California quotes by Carson Daly
#13. I'm from California, but my father, who passed away when I was young, was from Newark. When I was kid, we would go back east and catch Yankees games. His side of the family are big Yankees fans. But, the real connection came in '97 when I moved to New York and became friends with the team. #Quote by Carson Daly
1852 California quotes by Tracy K. Smith
#14. I grew up in northern California in a town called Fairfield, which is kind of exactly between San Francisco and Sacramento, a small suburb. And I'm the youngest of five children. #Quote by Tracy K. Smith
1852 California quotes by Brian Shul
#15. I'll always remember a certain radio exchange that occurred one day as Walt and I were screaming across southern California 13 miles high. We were monitoring various radio transmissions from other aircraft as we entered Los Angeles Center's airspace. Though they didn't really control us, they did monitor our movement across their scope. I heard a Cessna ask for a readout of its groundspeed. "90 knots," Center replied. Moments later a Twin Beech required the same. "120 knots," Center answered. We weren't the only one proud of our speed that day as almost instantly an F-18 smugly transmitted, "Ah, Center, Dusty 52 requests groundspeed readout." There was a slight pause. "525 knots on the ground, Dusty." Another silent pause. As I was thinking to myself how ripe a situation this was, I heard the familiar click of a radio transmission coming from my back-seater. It was at that precise moment I realized Walt and I had become a real crew, for we were both thinking in unison. "Center, Aspen 20, you got a ground speed readout for us?" There was a longer than normal pause. "Aspen, I show one thousand seven hundred and forty-two knots." No further inquiries were heard on that frequency. #Quote by Brian Shul
1852 California quotes by Dean Koontz
#16. With a thick note of disbelief in her voice, Jilly said, 'You went through the wall to California?'
[Dylan] 'Yeah. Why not? Where'd you think we went-Narnia? Oz? Middle Earth? California's weirder than any of those places, anyway.'
Page 246 #Quote by Dean Koontz
1852 California quotes by Pico Iyer
#17. The Dalai Lama acknowledges that he's met Westerners who to some extent are clearly Easterners at heart, and he would never want them not to become Buddhists just because they happened to be born in California. #Quote by Pico Iyer
1852 California quotes by Angela Carter
#18. It shone on everyone, whether they had a contract or not. The most democratic thing I'd ever seen, that California sunshine. #Quote by Angela Carter
1852 California quotes by Conan O'Brien
#19. Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he would run for governor of California. The announcement was good news for Florida residents who now live in the second flakiest state in the country. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
1852 California quotes by Ada Louise Huxtable
#20. Only a Californian would have observed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the real fake from the fake fake. #Quote by Ada Louise Huxtable
1852 California quotes by Jill Lepore
#21. In 1934, after Upton Sinclair was defeated in his campaign to become the next governor of California, he labeled the advertising concern that defeated him a "lie factory." Marston took much the same view. One of Wonder Woman's most sinister adversaries, the Duke of Deception, runs an advertising firm called the Lie Factory. #Quote by Jill Lepore
1852 California quotes by Johnny Depp
#22. I marketed pens - on the phone. But the beauty of the gig was that you had to call these strangers and say, 'Hi, how ya doing?' You made up a name, like, 'Hey, it's Edward Quartermaine from California. You're eligible to receive this grandfather clock or a trip to Tahiti.' You promise them all these things if they buy a gross of pens. #Quote by Johnny Depp
1852 California quotes by Richard Lamm
#23. Right out of the University of California I had passed the bar, but Colorado was one of those places where anybody could come and nobody would ask what your background was or how long you had been here. So I took to the place with a liking. #Quote by Richard Lamm
1852 California quotes by Dagoberto Gilb
#24. My father became a mythical figure, more force than man ... he was a force my mother would use as a threat of wrath and punishment." In "Father Close, Father Far" New California Writing #Quote by Dagoberto Gilb
1852 California quotes by J. California Cooper
#25. I see so many fools in this world that sometimes I could just go home and cry about what people do to themselves Hey, wake up, wake up, look here! Think a minute, think a minute. This is your life! You got, what, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty years here, and you gonna be gone.' #Quote by J. California Cooper
1852 California quotes by Jason Mraz
#26. I was looking for inspiration. I found it in California. The weather was always great, and the majority of San Diego seemed to be youth-and if you weren't 21 and couldn't get into the clubs, you'd go to a coffeehouse and hang out. #Quote by Jason Mraz
1852 California quotes by C.Z. Hazard
#27. Only in California could the night air be lit not by fireflies, but radioactive porn star cumshots. #Quote by C.Z. Hazard
1852 California quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#28. Even Hollywood millionaires are now clamoring for legal protections for their illegal-alien nannies and gardeners, though such elites would hardly countenance a similar legal laxity that would allow foreign film technicians, screenwriters, and actors to flood southern California to work in their industry for a fourth of their own pay. #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
1852 California quotes by Bill Engvall
#29. There's a group in California that wants to make suicide a capital offense punishable by death. That's like punishing someone for being on a hunger strike by sending them to bed with no supper. #Quote by Bill Engvall
1852 California quotes by Michael Keaton
#30. If I'm going to meditate, there is a little church up in Montecito, California. It's an old Spanish mission, actually. I find it comforting in there. #Quote by Michael Keaton
1852 California quotes by Dennis McDougal
#31. In an expansive attempt to establish a foothold among California's intelligentsia and create America's first truly national newspaper, The New York Times launched a slimmed-down West Coast edition in October 1962... The result in LA was a sorry stepsister of the great gray New York Times for its West Coast readers... Reprocessed news dictated from 3,000 miles away by editors who knew zip about what made Southern California tick. #Quote by Dennis McDougal
1852 California quotes by Liang Chow
#32. I started with California, and I did not like it. I flew over to Seattle, and I did not like it much. I felt like Iowa is the place - I like the people and the environment. #Quote by Liang Chow
1852 California quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
#33. Over the years, I've traveled to many places for inspiration and research, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, California, and Hawaii. #Quote by Jennifer Chiaverini
1852 California quotes by John Steinbeck
#34. The receding waves of foreign peon labor are leaving California agriculture to the mercies of our own people. The old methods of intimidation and starvation perfected against the foreign peons are being used against the new white migrant workers. But they will not be successful. #Quote by John Steinbeck
1852 California quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#35. I dropped out in middle school. I dropped out in, towards the beginning of the ninth grade. And then I started studying -I started taking acting classes at a, well first I was like in a community theater at that time in Torrance, California, so I finished up like my season with that community theater just acting in, you know, acting in a small part on this play or a big part on that play or a stage manager or assistant stage manager in another play. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
1852 California quotes by John Steinbeck
#36. The Mojave is a big desert and a frightening one. It's as though nature tested a man for endurance and constancy to prove whether he was good enough to get to California. #Quote by John Steinbeck
1852 California quotes by Joy Covey
#37. I didn't finish high school - left home when I was 15. I moved away to Fresno and worked as a grocery clerk. I went to college part-time at California State Fresno, and then ended up finishing in two and a half years because I wanted to get on with things. #Quote by Joy Covey
1852 California quotes by Bruce Eric Kaplan
#38. One identity is as a television writer, which is very classically Southern California, but another of my personae is as a New Yorker cartoonist. #Quote by Bruce Eric Kaplan
1852 California quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
#39. The minority who actually loves its work seems to be made up chiefly of the writers, dancers, actors and other artists, most scientists above the technician-troll level, computer freaks, and the righteous dope-dealers of California. #Quote by Robert Anton Wilson
1852 California quotes by Al Jolson
#40. California, here I come, right back where I started from. #Quote by Al Jolson

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