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167 Raw quotes by Piyush Rohankar
#1. And you know you are not the first, She gave her heart. But does that even matter? How you wish you would be the last, To stay forever in her arms, Or die waiting for that moment… #Quote by Piyush Rohankar
167 Raw quotes by Ashley Herring Blake
#2. She felt raw, a painting that wasn't dry yet. One hard nudge and she'd smear all over the place. #Quote by Ashley Herring Blake
167 Raw quotes by Dan Brown
#3. Writing an informative yet compact thriller is a lot like making maple sugar candy. You have to tap hundreds of trees - boil vats and vats of raw sap - evaporate the water - and keep boiling until you've distilled a tiny nugget that encapsulates the essence. #Quote by Dan Brown
167 Raw quotes by Geraldo Rivera
#4. I like the fact that it [social media] is unfiltered. In other words it's not Geraldo of Fox News or Geraldo of WABC Radio, it's Geraldo. And you know it's raw, unedited, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, or, you know, some mistakes I'm making in real time. And I see that as a way to go out kicking and screaming. People will be hearing from me 'til the bitter end now. #Quote by Geraldo Rivera
167 Raw quotes by Judith Jones
#5. Other creatures receive food simply as fodder. But we take the raw materials of the earth and work with them - touch them, manipulate them, taste them, glory in their heady smells and colors, and then, through a bit of alchemy, transform them into delicious creations. #Quote by Judith Jones
167 Raw quotes by C.S. Lewis
#6. The worst attitude of all would be the professional attitude which regards children in the lump as a sort of raw material which we have to handle. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
167 Raw quotes by Nadia Bolz-Weber
#7. There's something about courting the darkness that makes some people see the truth in raw, twisted ways, as though they were shining a black light on life to illuminate the absurdity of it all. Comics tell you a truth you can only see from the underside of the psyche. At its best, comedy is prophesy and societal dream interpretation. At its worst it's just dick jokes. #Quote by Nadia Bolz-Weber
167 Raw quotes by Markelle Grabo
#8. The heat intensified. My emotions were spinning out of control. The euphoria was maddening. Out of pure instinct, I pulled away and leaned against the wall, unable to find enough air to breathe. The more I pulled away, the strong the raw ache inside of me became, causing me more pain than the lack of oxygen in the room. Then I realized the source of my pain. It dawned on me with a shocking certainty. I hadn't wanted to pull away from Nathan. I needed him closer in order to feel safe. I needed his touch, his feel. I needed him now more than I ever had. #Quote by Markelle Grabo
167 Raw quotes by Mike Romano
#9. With psych it's all about how raw and stripped down and stupid it gets. Not stupid in a bad way, but more of the fact that you can get to that point where it doesn't matter and you're not thinking about it too much. It's just you being you. #Quote by Mike Romano
167 Raw quotes by Kimberly Pauley
#10. Myth: Vampires eat only raw meat or drink blood.
Truth: Why would we do that when there's chocolate in the world? #Quote by Kimberly Pauley
167 Raw quotes by Anne Bishop
#11. Because you're going to help me train a seven-year-old Witch who's got the raw power right now to turn us both into dust and yet" - he dropped the shoe onto the chair - "is abysmal at basic Craft. #Quote by Anne Bishop
167 Raw quotes by Fiona Brand
#12. Rachel arched, deliberately parting herself more widely over him, inviting him deeper into her body. She heard his intake of air, felt the raw tremor that shook him. Sweat sprang out on his skin, making him glow copper in the half-light. His lips drew back, baring his teeth as he fought for the control she was intent on denying him; then, with a rough sound somewhere between a groan and a purr, his hips jackhammered, and he thrust himself all the way in.
Time stopped. Rachel registered the wild dilation in Cullen's eyes, her own sense of unreality. She was backed up against a wall, her arms and legs wrapped around Cullen, and he was so deep inside her that her muscles quivered in reaction to his alien heat and hardness. #Quote by Fiona Brand
167 Raw quotes by Susan Glaspell
#13. They made small effort to cover their raw souls with the mantle of commonplace words. #Quote by Susan Glaspell
167 Raw quotes by Kristen Simmons
#14. Instantly they consumed me, overwhelmed me, like the fact of my love was the only truth I'd ever known. The only truth there was. Chase Jennings, I love you. I love the boy you were and the man you've become and even when I don't like you at all I still love you because you are you, kind and safe and good, because you understand me and are not afraid.
As the honesty of my words sunk in, he became very still. Statue still. And I waited, more raw and vulnerable than ever. #Quote by Kristen Simmons
167 Raw quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#15. What is love? Love is eating twenty-four ounces of raw fish at four o'clock in the morning. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
167 Raw quotes by Colleen Houck
#16. Lunch is served!" I shouted.
The brothers wasted no time. Kishan reached for the chicken, and Ren, the cookies. I smacked their hands away and handed each one a bacterial wipe.
Kishan grumbled, "Kells, I ate my food raw off the ground for three hundred years. I really don't think a little dirt's going to kill me. #Quote by Colleen Houck
167 Raw quotes by Jessie Kahnweiler
#17. Trying to tell an authentic, raw and honest story without making it therapy. Separating myself enough to have perspective while putting myself in the emotional hot seat so that I could make this thing real. Asking for help. Delegating responsibility. Standing up for myself. Fighting the impulse to be sweet and likeable 24/7. Being open to all ideas, but staying true to the spine of the story. Knowing when to let go and when to hold on and fight like hell. Getting out of my own way. Shall I go on? #Quote by Jessie Kahnweiler
167 Raw quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#18. Worms'-Meat, n. The finished product of which we are the raw material. The contents of the Taj Mahal, the Tombeau Napoleon and the Granitarium. Worms'-meat is usually outlasted by the structure that houses it, but "this too must pass away." Probably the silliest work in which a human being can engage is construction of a tomb for himself. The solemn purpose cannot dignify, but only accentuates by contrast the foreknown futility. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
167 Raw quotes by A.S. Byatt
#19. Try to avoid falseness and strain. Write what you really know about. Make it new. Don't invent melodrama for the sake of it. Don't try to run, let alone fly, before you can walk with ease. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
167 Raw quotes by David R. Slavitt
#20. He had not been able to see it in himself, but looking at Hungerford, he was able at least to speculate on the possibility that fear, raw, physical fear, had a kind of gift to give, too. Who but the terrified has heard his own heart pounding, listened to his own stertorous breathing, wishing that heart and lungs would be more quiet, and yet learning in their pulsation the lessons of rhythm and metrics? (Anagrams, p. 80) #Quote by David R. Slavitt
167 Raw quotes by Uwem Akpan
#21. I don't believe in the art-for-art's-sake philosophy. With the raw material before me and the gifts within me, I did my best to celebrate the voices and intelligence and sweetness and dreams of the children in spite of their chaotic, outer worlds ... #Quote by Uwem Akpan
167 Raw quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#22. Robots can now milk cows. Oil prices have fallen globally, meaning both the petro-states and those indirectly propped up by them are weakened. At the same time, slower growth in China has lately shrunk its voracious appetite for African, Australian, and Latin American commodities. China accounted for more than a third of global growth in recent years, and its growth engine multiplied the growth of many of the countries that exported raw materials to Beijing. That has slowed. China's total debt has grown from roughly 150 percent of its GDP in 2007 to around 240 percent today - a massive increase in one decade that is dampening its growth and its imports and shrinking China's wallet for foreign aid and investment in African and Latin American commodity-exporting countries. In #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
167 Raw quotes by Kiran Desai
#23. They were falling back into familiarity, into common ground, into the dirty gray. Just ordinary humans in ordinary opaque boiled-egg light, without grace, without revelation, composite of contradictions, easy principles, arguing about what they half believed in or even what they didn't believe in at all, desiring comfort as much as raw austerity, authenticity as much as playacting, desiring coziness of family as much as to abandon it forever. Cheese and chocolate they wanted, but also to kick all these bloody foreign things out. A wild daring love ... but also a rice and dal love blessed by the unexciting feel of everyday, its surprises safely enmeshed in something solidly familiar ... Every single contradiction history or opportunity might make available to them, every contradiction they were heir to, they desired. But only as much, of course, as they desired purity and a lack of contradiction. #Quote by Kiran Desai
167 Raw quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#24. Resonably neat and clean?" Adrienne said incredulously. "that man is flawless from head to toe! He makes David and the Greek gods and Pan seem all out of proportion. He is raw sex in a bottle, uncorked. And somebody should cork it! He's -accck! Bah!" Adrienne spluttered and stuttered as she belatedly realised her words. Lydia was laughing so hard tears misted her eyes. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
167 Raw quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#25. I wonder if any of them can tell from just looking at me that all I am is the sum total of my pain, a raw woundedness so extreme that it might be terminal. It might be terminal velocity, the speed of the sound of a girl falling down to a place from where she can't be retrieved. What if I am stuck down here for good? #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
167 Raw quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#26. Pete fell deeply in love with it.
This strange cold desert does not care if you live or die in it, but he fell for it anyway. He had not known before then that a place could feel so raw and so close to the surface. His weak heart felt the danger but could not resist.
He fell in love so fiercely that the desert itself noticed. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
167 Raw quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#27. For though, as we have said, all children are heartless, this is not precisely true of teenagers. Teenage hearts are raw and new, fast and fierce, and they do not know their own strength. Neither do they know reason or restraint, and if you want to know the truth, a goodly number of grown-up hearts never learn it. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
167 Raw quotes by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
#28. I've always sung. I was really into musical theater when I was growing up. As a kid, I listened to Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, actually, on cassette tapes. #Quote by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
167 Raw quotes by Julia Serano
#29. My friend, still seemingly perplexed, asked me "So if it's not about genitals, what is it about trans women's bodies that you find so attractive?"
I paused for a second to consider the question. Then I replied that it is almost always their eyes.
When I look into them, I see both endless strength and inconsolable sadness.
I see someone who has overcome humiliation and abuses that would flatten the average person.
I see a woman who was made to feel shame for her desires and yet had the courage to pursue them anyway.
I see a woman who was forced against her will into boyhood, who held on to a dream that everybody in her life desperately tried to beat out of her, who refused to listen to the endless stream of people who told her that who she was and what she wanted was impossible.
When I look into a trans woman's eyes, I see a profound appreciation for how fucking empowering it can be to be female, an appreciation that seems lost on many cissexual women who sadly take their female identities and anatomies for granted, or who perpetually seek to cast themselves as victims rather than instigators.
In trans women's eyes, I see a wisdom that can only come from having to fight for your right to be recognised as female, a raw strength that only comes from unabashedly asserting your right to be feminine in an inhospitable world.
In a trans woman's eyes, I see someone who understands that, in a culture that's seemingly fuelled on male homophobic h #Quote by Julia Serano
167 Raw quotes by Melina Marchetta
#30. Finn, listen!" Trevanion said, his voice raw."I prayed to see you one more time. It's all I prayed for. Nothing more. And my prayers were answered. Go east, I'll lend them west."
"We have a dilemma, then," Finnikin said fiercely. "Because I prayed that you would grow old and hold my children in your arms as you held me. My prayers have not been answered yet, Trevanion. So whose prayer is more worthy? Yours or mine? #Quote by Melina Marchetta
167 Raw quotes by Nhat Hanh
#31. Leaves are usually looked upon as the children of the tree. Yes, they are children of the tree, born from the tree, but they are also mothers of the tree. The leaves combine raw sap, water, and minerals, with sunshine and gas, and convert it into a variegated sap that can nourish the tree. In this way, the leaves become the mother of the tree. We are all children of society, but we are also mothers. We have to nourish society. If we are uprooted from society, we can not trasform it into a more liveable place for us and our children. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
167 Raw quotes by Ayn Rand
#32. The indignation was too sharp and raw for a mere piece of professional gossip; each man took it as a personal insult; each felt himself qualified to alter, advise and improve the work of any man living. #Quote by Ayn Rand
167 Raw quotes by Caitlin R. Kiernan
#33. That would be showing him a part of her soul, a part of her mind, that she's never risked showing anyone. The raw and squirming part that indifferent high-school counselor were always prying at, the part therapists tried to trick her into showing them for free, the part her parents hated her for. The light and the darkness behind her eyes. The soft places. #Quote by Caitlin R. Kiernan
167 Raw quotes by Anupama Garg
#34. Tantra like any raw power is defined by the wisdom of its user #Quote by Anupama Garg
167 Raw quotes by Dani Shapiro
#35. But today, something begins to shift. I see that there might be some way I can take the raw material of my life and transform it into something that has order and structure. I can make sense of what, until now, has been senseless. #Quote by Dani Shapiro
167 Raw quotes by Nancy Boutilier
#36. Continental Drift

you have moved through
like an ice flow-
steady slow substantial

tumble of glacial tongue
sweeping through
valleys reshaped

you arrived on your own epic time
patient and thorough
meltwater firn crevasse and all

lifting rocks on shifting plates
smoothing edges
and moving the very axes of my teeth

you soothed over rifts and fault lines
leaving me
newly minted

peaked and ridged
steep and crested
sloped and spurred

Hillsides lush
and summits glistening
I rush to a new dawn

but not without raw traces
of your tender era
scratched warmly on my every acre #Quote by Nancy Boutilier
167 Raw quotes by Will Durant
#37. When a band of flute players attempted a musical concert at a triumph in 167, the audience forced the musicians to change their performance into a boxing match.15 In the widening middle classes commercialism #Quote by Will Durant
167 Raw quotes by Peter Gethers
#38. The thing that eventually strikes you about the death of someone you love is the permanence. When that hits, there is an overpowering sense of loneliness and aloneness. Those wounds do not remain raw, not forever, but they do remain. #Quote by Peter Gethers
167 Raw quotes by Matt Zandstra
#39. Methods like this act as "factories" in that they take raw materials (such as row data, for example, or
configuration information) and use them to produce objects. The term factory is applied to code
designed to generate object instances. #Quote by Matt Zandstra

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