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1009 5th quotes by Bill Orcutt
#1. With a four-string, the middle range is less of an option. That kind of 5th that you play on those A and D strings isn't there. So a lot of traditional rock sounds, you can't play them. But to be honest, there was no particular intention when I started playing with four strings. It just worked out that way and it sounded cool. #Quote by Bill Orcutt
1009 5th quotes by Emmanuel Aghado
#2. If you love three people at the same time, choose the first one, because if there was a 4th or 5th one, you might still fall for them. #Quote by Emmanuel Aghado
1009 5th quotes by Isaac Newton
#3. If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
- From a letter to Robert Hooke dated February 5th, 1676.
The metaphor was first recorded in 1159 by John of Salisbury and attributed to Bernard of Chartres:
Dicebat Bernardus Carnotensis nos esse quasi nanos, gigantium humeris insidentes, ut possimus plura eis et remotiora videre, non utique proprii visus acumine, aut eminentia corporis, sed quia in altum subvenimur et extollimur magnitudine gigantea. #Quote by Isaac Newton
1009 5th quotes by Murray Walker
#4. Stewart has two cars in the top five: Magnusson 5th and Barichello 6th. #Quote by Murray Walker
1009 5th quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. A date is a place, a destination. March 5th, 1982 is the ideal tourist trap. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
1009 5th quotes by Ferid Murad
#6. Grade school, middle school and high school were relatively easy for me, and with little studying, I was an honor student every semester, graduating 5th in my high school class. #Quote by Ferid Murad
1009 5th quotes by Elizabeth Reyes
#7. The connection he felt with her at that moment was mind-boggling. "No regrets," he whispered.

It was more of a statement than a question but she responded with a smile, shook her head and repeated the two words he'd just spoken with as much conviction as he felt. "No regrets."

~Gio~ #Quote by Elizabeth Reyes
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#8. It doesn't begin inside my head like I expected. Instead a delicious warmth spreads through my body, expanding from my heart outward, and my bones and muscles and skin dissolve in the warmth that spreads out from me, until the warmth overcomes the Earth and the boundaries of the universe. The warmth is everywhere and everything. My body and everything outside my body belongs to it. Then I feel him; he is in the warmth, too, and there's no separation between us, no spot where I end and he begins, and I open up like a flower to the rain, achingly slow and dizzyingly fast, dissolving in the warmth, dissolving in him and there's nothing to see, that's just the convenient word he used because there is no word to describe him, he just is.
And I open to him, a flower to the rain. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Joe Budden
#9. God I hear you giving me an earfull but I'm gonna cruise in 5th gear until I'm near you. #Quote by Joe Budden
1009 5th quotes by John Legend
#10. The 2nd time leads to the 3rd, the 5th, the 7th time,
I feel so alive, it won't last but it's alright #Quote by John Legend
1009 5th quotes by Eugene B. Sledge
#11. Earlier in the morning Company A, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines had attacked eastward into the ruins of Shuri Castle and had raised the Confederate flag. When we learned that the flag of the Confederacy had been hoisted over the very heart and soul of Japanese resistance, all of us Southerners cheered loudly. The Yankees among us grumbled, and the Westerners didn't know what to do. Later we learned that the Stars and Stripes that had flown over Guadalcanal were raised over Shuri Castle, a fitting tribute to the men of the 1st Marine Division who had the honor of being first into the Japanese citadel. #Quote by Eugene B. Sledge
1009 5th quotes by Henry Red Cloud
#12. Mutter Erde ist keine Maschine
Henry Red Cloud is the direct 5th generation descendant of Chief Red Cloud #Quote by Henry Red Cloud
1009 5th quotes by Jarod Kintz
#13. I rode my horse to the saloon, but it was out of business. The cowboy I spoke with said the bartender served the saloon's last drink on March 5th, 1882. Guess I shouldn't have taken so long to shower and get ready. Ah, but that's life, no? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
1009 5th quotes by Charles Bukowski
#14. Soon I'll finish this 5th of Puerto Rican rum. in the morning I'll vomit and shower, drive back in, have a sandwich by 1 p.m., be back in my room by 2, stretched on the bed, waiting for the phone to ring, not answering, my holiday is an evasion, mt reasoning is not. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
1009 5th quotes by G.L. Carriger
#15. Elle and Olav had invited him into their bed. He'd declined, of course. Olav was hot, but Tris was not attracted to females, and it was bad form to participate in a sexual encounter with two when he was only interested in one. Everyone knew that. He thought this was likely a universal truth. #Quote by G.L. Carriger
1009 5th quotes by Tony Hawk
#16. When your daughter asks you to be a fairy for her 5th birthday party ... you better be a damned fairy. #Quote by Tony Hawk
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#17. I would kill for a cheeseburger. Honestly. If I stumbled across someone eating a cheeseburger, I would kill them for it. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Lisa Morton
#18. In Britain, the major public holiday used to be Guy Fawkes Day ... that was celebrated on November 5th with things like bonfires and fireworks ... I think that made Halloween seem preferable. The idea of having pumpkins and costumes and parties seemed much more appealing than burning down your neighborhood. #Quote by Lisa Morton
1009 5th quotes by Agatha Christie
#19. Ladies and Gentlemen! Silence please!" Every one was startled. They looked round-at each other, at the walls. Who was speaking? The Voice went on- a high clear voice.
You are charged with the following indictments:
Edward George Armstrong, that you did upon the 14th day of March, 1925, cause the death of Louisa Mary Clees.
Emily Caroline Brent, that upon the 5th November, 1931, you were responsible for the death of Beatrice Taylor.
William Henry Blore, that you brought about the death of James Stephen Landor on October 10th, 1928.
Vera Elizabeth Claythorne, that on the 11th day of August, 1935, you killed Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton.
Philip Lombard, that upon a date in February, 1932, you were guilty of the death of twenty-one men, members of an East African tribe.
John Gordon Macarthur, that on the 4th of January, 1917, you deliberately sent your wife's lover, Arthur Richmond, to his death.
Anthony James Marston, that upon the 14th day of November last, you were guilty of murder of John and Lucy Combes.
Thomas Rogers and Ethel Rogers, that on the 6th of May, 1929, you brought about the death of Jennifer Brady.
Lawrence John Wargrave, that upon the 10th day of June, 1930, you were guilty of the murder of Edward Seton.
Prisoners at the bar, have you anything to say in your defense? #Quote by Agatha Christie
1009 5th quotes by Constance Lechman
#20. Actions my 5th novel will be available on all platforms as an ebook August 14, 2018. In a few more weeks, you'll also be able to purchase the book version. #Quote by Constance Lechman
1009 5th quotes by Gareth Gates
#21. I'm not closing the door on my solo career, but with 5th Story, if the public demand is there, then I'll continue to work with the band. If not, we'll all go our separate ways again. #Quote by Gareth Gates
1009 5th quotes by Erin Kellison
#22. OMG I just saw Warrick Voclain on 5th Ave! #DragonSighting #DragonInMyPants #Dragons #RuinedForAllOtherMen. #Quote by Erin Kellison
1009 5th quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#23. The first day of the West Line, April 5th, falls upon a Friday, - the least auspicious day of the week to begin any enterprise, such as sailing from Spithead, for example. To stand at the Post Mark'd West, and turn to face West, can be a trial for those sentimentally inclin'd, as well as for ev'ryone nearby. It is possible to feel the combin'd force, in perfect Enfilade, of ev'ry future second unelaps'd, ev'ry Chain yet to be stretch'd, every unknown Event to be undergone, - the unmodified Terror of keeping one's Latitude. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
1009 5th quotes by James Traficant
#24. The truth is, while the FBI is hiding behind the 5th Amendment, the Unabomer is qualifying for Social Security as a terrorist. Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. #Quote by James Traficant
1009 5th quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#25. This love meditation is adapted from the Visuddhimagga by Buddhaghosa, a 5th century C.E. systematization of the Buddha's teaching. We begin by practicing the love meditation on ourselves ("May I"). Until we are able to love and take care of ourselves, we cannot be much help to others. After that, we practice them on others ("May he/she/they") - first on someone we like, then on someone neutral to us, and finally on someone who makes us suffer.

May I be peaceful, happy, and light in body and spirit.
May I be safe and free from injury.
May I be free from anger, afflictions, fear and anxiety.

May I learn to look at myself with the eyes of of understanding and love.
May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in myself.
May I learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving, and delusion in myself.

May I know how to nourish the seeds of joy in myself every day.
May I be able to live fresh, solid, and free.
May I be free from attachment and aversion, but not indifferent.

Love is not just the intention to love, but the capacity to reduce suffering, and offer peace and happiness. The practice of love increases our forbearance, our capacity to be patient and embrace difficulties and pain. Forbearance does mean that we try to suppress pain. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#26. It wasn't aliens that first made us gear up for war; it was our fellow humans. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Denise Duhamel
#27. Buddhist Barbie"
In the 5th century B.C.
an Indian philosopher
Gautama teaches "All is emptiness"
and "There is no self."
In the 20th century A.D.
Barbie agrees, but wonders how a man
with such a belly could pose,
smiling, and without a shirt. #Quote by Denise Duhamel
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#28. I give her back an honest-to-goodness smile, the old Ben Parish smile, the one that got me practically everything I wanted. Well, not practically; I'm being modest. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#29. Five men and two women, strangers to one another on the eve of that final growing season, now bound by the unspoken promise that the least of them was greater than the sum of all of them. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Kirk Windstein
#30. Drinking goes with everything, there's always an excuse to drink. We sell beer and liquor 24/7/365 everywhere, you can buy a 5th of vodka at 3am on Easter Sunday if you want. #Quote by Kirk Windstein
1009 5th quotes by Fred Phelps
#31. Stiff-necked America, in flagrant rebellion against God, is indulging a caterwauling orgy of sinful maudlin cinementality on the 5th anniversary of God's 9/11 vengeance upon this evil nation for its sodomite sins! #Quote by Fred Phelps
1009 5th quotes by David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech
#32. The notion dies hard that in some sort of way exports are patriotic but imports are immoral. #Quote by David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech
1009 5th quotes by Immortal Technique
#33. Because I know that the early Greeks and Romans and the early Europeans at that age did not see racism as we see it now - because racism was created to justify slavery to build the capital for capitalism - and back in the day they respected talent over race. We had an African Pope in the late 5th century, we had an African Emperor of Rome, and early church Fathers were black. #Quote by Immortal Technique
1009 5th quotes by Adam Baldwin
#34. I was involved with drama departments since the 5th grade. I played at it. It was an escape. #Quote by Adam Baldwin
1009 5th quotes by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
#35. I'm fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac Man is ducking me #Quote by Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
1009 5th quotes by Leon Askin
#36. Unfortunately I put the opening date on the 5th of December 1941 and on the 7th of December the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbour. My dream of a theater in Washington D.C. came to a prompt end. #Quote by Leon Askin
1009 5th quotes by Mos Def
#37. Yo, it's 1 universal law but 2 sides to every story,
3 strikes and you be in for life, mandatory.
4 MC's murdered in the last 4 years,
I ain't tryin to be the 5th one, the Millennium is here.
Yo, it's 6 million ways to die, from the 7 deadly thrills,
8-year olds gettin' found with 9 mill's.
It's 10 P.M., where your seeds at? What's the deal? #Quote by Mos Def
1009 5th quotes by Sir Charles Sedley, 5th Baronet
#38. Wise men and gods are on the strongest side. #Quote by Sir Charles Sedley, 5th Baronet
1009 5th quotes by Rick Yancey
#39. We're here, and then we're gone, and it's not about the time we're here, but what we do with the time. #Quote by Rick Yancey
1009 5th quotes by Alan Moore
#40. We are told to remember the idea and not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But 400 years later, an idea can still change the world. I have witnessed firsthand the power of ideas. I've seen people kill in the name of them. But you cannot kiss an idea ... cannot touch it or hold it.
Ideas do not bleed. They do not feel pain. They do not love. And it is not an idea that I miss. It is a man.
A man that made me remember the 5th of November. A man that I will never forget. #Quote by Alan Moore

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