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1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Tori Spelling
#1. My whole life I wanted to be normal. Everybody knows there's no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There's only messy, inconsistant, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our own lives. But when I think about what I have, what I strived to reach my whole life, it's not the biggest or best or easiest or prettiest or most anything. It's not the Manor or the laundry closet. Not the multi-million dollar inheritance or the poorhouse. It's not superstardom or unemployment. It's family and love and safety. It's bravery and hope. It's work and laughter and imperfection. It's my normal. #Quote by Tori Spelling
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
#2. Criticism will survive even if no one's paying for it. Obviously it's better if people are paying for it. But the fact that artists weren't able to make a living from their work hasn't detracted from the quality of that work. Charles Ives was the second greatest composer in American history and he worked in insurance his whole life. #Quote by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#3. [ ... ] Cousin Jimmy gave me a whole dollar on the sly last week. I wish he had not given me so much. It worrys me. It is an awful responsibility. It will be so diffikult to spend it wisely also without Aunt Elizabeth finding out about it. I hope I shall never have a million dollars. I am sure it would crush me utterly. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Moises Naim
#4. AL QAEDA SPENT ABOUT $500,000 TO PRODUCE 9/11, WHEREAS THE direct losses of that day's destruction plus the costs of the American response to the attacks were $3.3 trillion. In other words, for every dollar Al Qaeda spent planning and executing the attacks, the United States spent $7 million.1 The costs of 9/11 equal one-fifth of the US national debt. In 2006, Hezbollah fired a precision-guided cruise missile at an Israeli ship #Quote by Moises Naim
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Bill Bryson
#5. If you initialed one dollar per second, you would make $1,000 every seventeen minutes. After 12 days of nonstop effort you would acquire your first $1 million. Thus, it would take you 120 days to accumulate $10 million and 1,200 days - something over three years - to reach $100 million. After 31.7 years you would become a billionaire, and after almost a thousand years you would be as wealthy as Bill Gates. But not until after 31,709.8 years would you count your trillionth dollar (and even then you would be less than one-fourth of the way through the pile of money representing America's national debt). That is what $1 trillion is. #Quote by Bill Bryson
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
#6. Why did you spend your whole life working in an insurance company? You should have been a painter, a musician, well, I don't know. Why didn't you follow your calling?"

Don Rigoberto nodded and reflected a moment before answering.

"Because I was a coward, son," he finally murmured. "Because I lacked faith in myself. I never believed I had the talent to be a real artist. But maybe that was an excuse for not trying. I decided not to be a creator but only a consumer of art, a dilettante of culture. Because I was a coward is the sad truth. So now you know. Don't follow my example. Whatever your calling is, follow it as far as you can and don't do what I did, don't betray it. #Quote by Mario Vargas-Llosa
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Michael Moore
#7. Back in the late '90s, I put together a humorous newsmagazine program called 'The Awful Truth' for Bravo. We helped one guy get an organ transplant whose insurance company had refused to pay. I thought, if we could save a guy's life in a 10-minute segment on cable, what could we do if we devoted a whole movie to a whole bunch of people? #Quote by Michael Moore
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#8. As a form of moral insurance, at least, literature is much more dependable than a system of beliefs or a philosophical doctrine. Since there are no laws that can protect us from ourselves, no criminal code is capable of preventing a true crime against literature; though we can condemn the material suppression of literature - the persecution of writers, acts of censorship, the burning of books - we are powerless when it comes to its worst violation: that of not reading the books. For that crime, a person pays with his whole life; if the offender is a nation, it pays with its history. #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Nora Roberts
#9. You've never been a whiner, Margo."
"I could give lessons.It's time for me to grow up, take responsibility,be sensible."
"Talk to life insurance salesman," Josh said dryly. "Apply for a library card.Clip coupons."
She looked down her nose. "Spoken like a man born with not only a silver spoon but the whole place setting stuck in his arrogant little mouth."
"I happen to have several library cards," he muttered. "Somewhere."
"Do you mind? #Quote by Nora Roberts
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Diane MacEachern
#10. Women spend 80 cents of every dollar in the marketplace. We could be the most powerful force for economic and environmental change in the 21st century if we focused our money where it could make the biggest difference. If a million people did that, it would have a $1 billion impact. #Quote by Diane MacEachern
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Jarod Kintz
#11. I want to price my next book and adjust it for the coming hyperinflation. So instead of the normal one dollar price, I'll charge $1,000,000.00. If I sell one copy now I'll be a happy man, and if I sell a million copies after hyperinflation hits in a few years then I'll be equally as happy. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Tony Robbins
#12. I want to use this book as a vehicle to help you develop enough wealth- both physical and emotional- so that you can be a force for good through your economic contributions as well as your time. I will tell you, though, if you wont give a dime out of a dollar, you wont give $1 million out of $10 million. The time to give is now! When I had nothing, I began this process. The reward is that if you give, even at the times when you think you have very little, you'll teach your brain that there is more than enough. You can leave scarcity behind and move toward a world of abundance. #Quote by Tony Robbins
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Michel Onfray
#13. For the first time (but how long will it take us to acknowledge this?) in the history of ideas, a philosopher had dedicated a whole book to the question of atheism. He professed it, demonstrated it, arguing and quoting, sharing his reading and his reflections, and seeking confirmation from his own observations of the everyday world. His title sets it out clearly: Memoir of the Thoughts and Feelings of Jean Meslier; and so does his subtitle: Clear and Evident Demonstrations of the Vanity and Falsity of All the Religions of the World. The book appeared in 1729, after his death. Meslier had spent the greater part of his life working on it. The history of true atheism had begun. #Quote by Michel Onfray
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Fyodor Dostoevsky
#14. It seemed clear to me that life and the world somehow depended upon me now. I may almost say that the world now seemed created for me alone: if I shot myself the world would cease to be at least for me. I say nothing of its being likely that nothing will exist for anyone when I am gone, and that as soon as my consciousness is extinguished the whole world will vanish too and become void like a phantom , as a mere appurtenance of my consciousness, for possibly all this world and all these people are only me myself. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by E.K. Blair
#15. He's still warm, and like I've done my whole life, I selfishly take comfort from him. I'm nothing but rot, using Pike, even in his death, in an attempt to soothe myself. #Quote by E.K. Blair
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#16. You see, gentlemen, reason is an excellent thing, there's no disputing that, but reason is nothing but reason and satisfies only the rational side of man's nature, while will is a manifestation of the whole life, that is, of the whole human life including reason and all the impulses. And although our life, in this manifestation of it, is often worthless, yet it is life and not simply extracting square roots. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Ree Drummond
#17. As for me, I went inside, walked up to my bedroom, and fell on the floor. What…just happened? Staring at the ceiling, I tried to take it all in. My mind began to race, trying to figure out what it all meant. Do I need to learn how to whittle? Cook fried chicken? Ride a horse? Use a scythe? My face began to feel flushed. And children? Oh, Lord. That means we might have children! What will we name them? Travis and Dolly? Oh my gosh. I have children in my future. I could see it plainly in front of me. They'll be little redheaded children with green eyes just like mine, and they'll have lots of freckles, too. I'll have ten of them, maybe eleven. I'll have to squat in the garden and give birth while picking my okra. Every stereotype of domestic country life came rushing to the surface. A lot of them involved bearing children.
Then my whole body relaxed in a mushy, contended heap as I remembered all the times I'd walked back into that very room after being with Marlboro Man, my cowboy, my savior. I remembered all the times I'd fallen onto my bed in a fizzy state of euphoria, sighing and smelling my shirt to try to get one last whiff. All the times I'd picked up the phone early in the morning and heard his sexy voice on the other end. All the times I'd longed to see him again, two minutes after he'd dropped me off. This was right, this was oh, so right. If I couldn't go a day without seeing him, I certainly couldn't go a lifetime… #Quote by Ree Drummond
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Halle Berry
#18. My whole life I've had the fear that I was going to be abandoned. #Quote by Halle Berry
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#19. Each terrarium functions as an island park for the animals inside it. Ascensions cause hybridization and ultimately new species. The more traditional biomes conserve species that on Earth are radically endangered or extinct in the wild. Some terraria even look like zoos; more are purely wilderness refugia; and most mix parkland and human spaces in patterned habitat corridors that maximize the life of the biome as a whole. As such, these spaces are already crucial to humanity and the Earth. And #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Sarra Manning
#20. My whole life had split in two: Smith and not Smith. I liked the Smith parts of it so much better.
#Quote by Sarra Manning
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Sandra Day O'Connor
#21. We don't accomplish anything in the world alone and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry off one's life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that create something. #Quote by Sandra Day O'Connor
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Herbert Hoover
#22. The whole inspiration of our civilization springs from the teachings of Christ and the lessons of the prophets. To read the Bible for these fundamentals is a necessity of American life. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Sarah Cross
#23. The whole morning was absurd. She'd never felt so angry, or aggressive, in her entire life. She didn't normally want to hit people, or even yell at them - because normally you could reason with people. And if you couldn't, you could avoid them. But Blue was impossible. He was so rude and belligerent and ... relentless about it. #Quote by Sarah Cross
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Kate Walsh
#24. I think it's also different when you're younger, too and your whole life is exposed. You know, it is probably exhausting and a little spiritually depleting, but you just find ways to fill up and do things For me it's simple things. #Quote by Kate Walsh
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Poul Anderson
#25. In the intricate and mutable space-time geometry at the black hole, in-falling matter and energy interacted with the virtualities of the vacuum in ways unknown to the flatter cosmos beyond it. Quasi-stable quantum states appeared, linked according to Schrodinger's wave functions and their own entanglement, more and more of them, intricacy compounding until it amounted to a set of codes. The uncertainty principle wrought mutations; variants perished or flourished; forms competed, cooperated, merged, divided, interacted; the patterns multiplied and diversified; at last, along one fork on a branch of the life tree, thought budded.
That life was not organic, animal and vegetable and lesser kingdoms, growing, breathing, drinking, eating, breeding, hunting, hiding; it kindled no fires and wielded no tools; from the beginning, it was a kind of oneness. An original unity differentiated itself into countless avatars, like waves on a sea. They arose and lived individually, coalesced when they chose by twos or threes or multitudes, reemerged as other than they had been, gave themselves and their experiences back to the underlying whole. Evolution, history, lives eerily resembled memes in organic minds.
Yet quantum life was not a series of shifting abstractions. Like the organic, it was in and of its environment. It acted to alter its quantum states and those around it: action that manifested itself as electronic, photonic, and nuclear events. Its domain was no more shadowy to #Quote by Poul Anderson
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Danica Patrick
#26. I spent my whole childhood watching open-wheel racing. I spent years going to England and racing open wheel, coming back and racing open wheel. It's been my world for 20 years and beyond that. For almost my whole life, I've been watching it. I watch it and I think I know how to do it. #Quote by Danica Patrick
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#27. All of this passes, and none of it means anything to me.
It's all foreign to my fate, and even to fate as a whole. It's
just unconsciousness, curses of protest when chance hurls
stones, echoes of unknown voices – a collective
mishmash of life. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Bahauddin
#28. 1:315-316

In my dream large white birds, larger than geese, were flying. As they flew, they were praising. I understood the bird-language. One was saying, I praise you in all circumstances, and another was saying the same in other words, and another in yet other phrasing, but I could not remember what I should say. I interpret this dream to be telling me to be continuously grateful, no matter what, in my waking life, and also to remember that there are a hundred thousand ways to praise.

These white-bird sentences begin in nonexistence, where creation makes entity from nonentity. What flows through us as praise comes from where Moses and Jesus are standing with the other friends of God.

Another night in the state between waking and sleep I saw a gazelle coming toward me with an open mouth. It put my whole head in its mouth and turned its lips in arcs around my forehead and chin and the sides of my head. The gazelle-maw got larger and larger. It could have swallowed my whole body. About to lose consciousness, I began to chant, No power but yours, no power but yours.... The strange malevolence that was trying to devour me went away. Peace came. Now I know how epileptics feel.

In another dream I was eating salty food. My gums became brackish. I woke with a salt taste in my mouth. Events happen here that no one records. Universes overlap. We are led in ways we will never understand. It should not surprise anyone #Quote by Bahauddin
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#29. But it wasn't. They both knew that. Darling wasn't sure if it, or he, would ever be all right again. "Have you ever felt lost, Mari?" He folded his hands in front of him in a somber pose that was out of character for him. "Yes, I have. And I know that place of crazy where you asphyxiate every time reality crashes down and you see the nightmare that has become your life. The darkness that swallows you whole until you fear you'll never see light again." Darling paused by his side. "How did you find your way home?" "I didn't." Maris reached out and brushed a strand of Darling's hair back from his mask. "My best friend found me wandering in the darkness and carried me back to the light." Darling #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#30. How can I be reasonable? To me our love was everything and you were my whole life. It is not very pleasant to realize that to you it was only an episode. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Judge Reinhold
#31. I think I started out because I was desperate for approval and acceptance and praise. Some actors never break away from that. They're after that validation their whole life. #Quote by Judge Reinhold
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Amanda Beard
#32. When people say that kids change your life, it's no small feat what they do. I've stressed about competition my whole life, but the minute I held my son Blaise in my arms for the first time, those stresses diminished. #Quote by Amanda Beard
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Hortense Odlum
#33. Business training in early life should not be regarded solely as insurance against destitution in the case of an emergency. For from business experience women can gain, too, knowledge of the world and of human beings, which should be of immeasurable value to their marriage careers. Self-discipline, co-operation, adaptability, efficiency, economic management,
if she learns these in her business life she is liable for many less heartbreaks and disappointments in her married life. #Quote by Hortense Odlum
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Pam Houston
#34. There's this great Ron Carlson story, "A Note on the Type," and it's about this guy who keeps escaping from prison. He's really good at escaping, but he gets caught all the time, because he can't stop writing his name on underpasses where he's running from the law. And there's this whole beautiful paragraph about how to run is to write. And, you know, it's obviously about the writer's life. #Quote by Pam Houston
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Anna Quindlen
#35. You realize that these accidental decisions you make about changing jobs, about moving into an apartment where you make new friends and confidants, about going to one city over another, that sometimes they're completely arbitrary decisions that you haven't put as much thought into as perhaps you should have, and yet they change the course of your whole life. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by James Joyce
#36. One of those chaps would make short work of a fellow. Pick the bones clean no matter who it was. Ordinary meat for them. A corpse is meat gone bad. Well and what's cheese? Corpse of milk. I read in that Voyages in China that the Chinese say a white man smells like a corpse. Cremation better. Priests dead against it. Devilling for the other firm. Wholesale burners and Dutch oven dealers. Time of the plague. Quicklime feverpits to eat them. Lethal chamber. Ashes to ashes. Or bury at sea. Where is that Parsee tower of silence? Eaten by birds. Earth, fire, water. Drowning they say is the pleasantest. See your whole life in a flash. But being brought back to life no. Can't bury in the air however. Out of a flying machine. Wonder #Quote by James Joyce
1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance quotes by Kristin Hannah
#37. She knew suddenly that a woman could change her whole life and uproot her existence with one choice. #Quote by Kristin Hannah

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