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#1. Though most people love to look at the games of the great attacking masters, some of the most successful players in history have been the quiet positional players. They slowly grind you down by taking away your space, tying up your pieces, and leaving you with virtually nothing to do!
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#2. The world championship is a disputed title. You've got a situation like boxing. Speaking as a member of the chess world, it's extremely undignified.
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#3. Let the perfectionist play postal.
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#4. Bobby is the most misunderstood, misquoted celebrity walking the face of this earth
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#5. Describing one competitive advantage of IBM's Deep Blue chess computer. It has no fear.
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#6. Throughout chess history, great debates have raged about the pros and cons of hanging pawns. The debates are nonsense; the answer is cut and dried. If the pawns can be attacked and forced to move forward, they are weak. If they can be defended and remain where they are, they are strong.
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#7. I think a player constantly improves his understanding of chess with experience.

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