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#1. A weak man declares a woman a temptress and orders her to cover herself. A strong man covers himself and says nothing.
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#2. A mist crept into the valley - how could this be, by the light of the climbing sun? It drifted over the form in the grass, nearly obscuring it, seeming to draw all sound into itself. I thought I might burst from the strain of that silence... until a single sound shattered it:

The gasp of an indrawn breath.
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#3. I hesitated, having never considered that Katrina might be subject to the same whims of nature as other mortals. "I had no idea. I'm so sorry." And I meant it. Why do bad things happen to good people?

There are no good people.
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#4. Sweat trickled down my sides inside my sweater. "Why? Why did you do this?"

"Because this is your life, Clay: fleeting, ephemeral, and insignificant except for one thing, that El loved you. And you have missed it. Missed it all, completely. And now, look at you. Sweating, worried about your life, your story. Did you expect to live forever? Did you think this day would not come? It had to, if not in this way then in some other.
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#5. Suffice it to say, we were horrified by the entire concept of dying, even if we weren't the ones with the death sentence.
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#6. Not yet," he wailed, as raw as the earth. "But you lay as though already dead, and I cannot go on without you. Do not leave me; do not die!" And I felt a grief from him to melt the mountain ice. Grief to drown in. Grief to both rend my heart and mend it at once.
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#7. There is beauty in the world still. Even now. And it's worth saving for that reason alone.
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#8. our love is proved when we love those who are not beautiful, who wound with word or deed. When we love not out of pity, or even for their sakes, but for our own. And here is the secret: they do not wound us, as Yaweh does not wound us. We wound ourselves by allowing the offense. And so Yaweh commands forgiveness for our own healing. Because in honoring ourselves - and others as ourselves - we please and honor Yaweh, who looks not on what a person does, but on the heart." I
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#9. In the beginning there was God...but for me there was Adam.
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#10. She shrugged. "He sat back, called it good, and rested."

I waited.

She waited.

I raised my brows. "And?"

Her mouth curved into a smile. "You think I'm pretty, don't you.
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#11. Go away. Go live out your gnat's existence."

"But we're not done!"

Her eyes lolled back to me. "Yes, we are."

"But--I don't know how it ends!" And now I remembered something else. "Or what it has to do with me - you said this story was ultimately about me. What does this have to do with me?"

"What does this have to do with me?" she mimicked. "Can't you do anything but think of yourself? Go home."

"But how can I--"


"I don't know--"

"GO!" She screamed it, lunging across the table at me.

I bolted up, stumbled back, knocking over my chair.

She screamed again. "GO!
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#12. Yes, I call your beautiful world mutant and perverse. So would you if you had seen the original. If you had, you would know how far we've all veered, how like a cancer things have grown.
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#13. In that instant I knew that as bad as it was, it was going to get much worse.
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#14. The history keepers will no doubt tell their own tale, and the priests another. It is the men's accounts that seem to survive a world obsessed with conquest, our actions beyond bedchamber and hearth remembered only when we leave their obscurity. And so we become infamous because we were not invisible, the truth of our lives ephemeral as incense.
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#15. So as I said, the world was mutating," she said, prick, prick, pricking at the cloth, looking up at me once to make sure, I assume, I was listening. "From the earth sprung hateful and ugly things that flourished amid all that was lush and good. There would be no more accord among the animals now; they would follow a different order, no longer subsisting exclusively on plants but also on one another. Adam's flesh was no longer the same, though it would take centuries for disease to manifest itself, for bodies so genetically pure that a man could marry his sister to corrupt down through generations to the point where a man dare not marry even his cousin.
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#16. God has a story to tell about you.
A major part of it is you telling yours.
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#17. But these are no longer just samples of some disease. They were purchased with lives too save many more. Lives precious to me. Which might be the reason it feels so hard to let them go.
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#18. Sometime before sleep it occurred to me that the true nature of being without might mean never knowing what one lacked.
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#19. I stared. "But you're saying--"

"Yes, Clay" - her mouth smoothed into a chilly smile - "Image of El, breath of God. In such an unworthy vessel. Something far more precious than diamonds, denied even to us but entrusted to a container of mud.
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#20. I wonder now if [the gods] take from us that which we love so we must seek them, if only to scavenge for meaning in this existence.
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#21. My #1 rule is write like no one is ever going to read it. Why? Because it gives you permission to be as audacious as you want.
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#22. You are necessary to that end, and to are all I have of the garden. You are the image of me and of the One. And if you have wronged, then I have surely repaid your wrong twice over.
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#23. My purpose for living, my role in this great scheme was clear to me from the first: to fall down, to worship, to praise, to wait upon the word of El."

"That sounds really boring."

"Really? Imagine the bliss of fulfilling one's created purpose.
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#24. I wanted to be alone with the One. The One who scaled then careened from the heights of the Mount. The One who raised up the man from the mud. The One who fashioned me from a part of the man and knew me more intimately than even the adam.
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#25. How is one statute against murder or rape or theft different from any other?" I said, though my mind had careened into a hundred different questions. "They are different in that they come from a god who says we are to show honor of him by honoring others. And so as we feed our hungry neighbor and do not steal from him we honor not our neighbor, but the image of the One who fashioned him. You say our god has no face. This is not true. Yaweh's face is before us in every person we see, as we are made in his image. Living people who require more kindness and adoration than any idol.
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#26. I slept in the grip of that love, comforted, thinking I should forget my longing within it, knowing that all was somehow well...In the morning when I stirred, I knew...I knew I lay here in my own flesh, but not alone.
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#27. I had sought love. I had talked of love, not knowing that it is one step beyond wisdom into the face of God. And this was the only salvation.
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#28. Don't." I heard a tremor in her voice. "Don't do that. You did everything right."

"I don't think I did."

"Yes, you did. You're a good man."

I hated those words. I hated hearing them. Being a good man had won me nothing. Lucian's words echoed somewhere between my brain and the phone line.

I ask you, what is good, really, Clay?

And I knew the answer: not good enough.
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#29. a girl in her twenties who might have been pretty had she refrained from drawing her eyebrows on with a marker.
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#30. Merrie Destefano storms the world of urban fantasy with AFTERLIFE, breathing new life into the vast genre of the undead. Gritty, poignant, in the tradition of Bladerunner, with the nostalgia of New Orleans. With crisp and beautiful prose, AFTERLIFE blurs the line between the living and the dead to ask life's ultimate questions-even if they take nine lives to solve.

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