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#1. Each line she etched into the metal was another life cut off, another heart stopped at the slice of this very blade.
A hundred lives to cover up the pain of the very first. A hundred more to shovel away the hurt into a place that was dark and deep.
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#2. Dex had taught her well, and now he would pay.
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#3. I'm always fine," Andi snapped. But she knew that Lira sensed the lie the moment it left her lips. She sighed. "I'm just in shock. Seeing Dex again after I thought her was gone for good... I stuck a knife through him, Lira. And now he's come back to haunt me.
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#4. The expanse of space stretched out before them, causing Andi's eyelids to droop against her will. Before she knew it, darkness had claimed her.
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#5. But names no longer meant anything. On Lunamere, everyone became a number in the end.
Deep in the belly of hell incarnate Valen became 377.
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#6. I enjoy flirting with death.
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#7. She was exhausted, both mentally and physically. It was an exhaustion Andi doubted sleep could fix.
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#8. Honestly, I hate when in books, the guys changes the girl's life. Like, no. The girl needs to change her own life.
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#9. You can't?" Cyprian barked out a laugh. "The Bloody Baroness does whatever she wants. Even if it means stealing a starship in the middle of the night, crashing it into the side of a mountain, and slaughtering an innocent girl in the process.
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#10. Androma was good at what she did. But so was Dex.
Besides, a prodigy could only outrun her master for so long.
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#11. He had always looked at the world and seen it in a thousand different colors, his fingers itching to paint each turn of light, each curl of the wind sweeping through the silver streets.

Every shade was unique in Valen's eyes.

And yet... he was losing colors, too.
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#12. Andi went rigid.
For the first time today, despite everything Dex had thrown at her, she actually looked stricken. Shocked. Pained.
"Hello, Androma," the man on the screen said. "I've been searching for you a very, very long time."
Dex smiled. This was worth more than all the Krevs in the galaxy.
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#13. But there was no plan.
For the first time in her pirating life, someone had bested her.
It's not him, Andi's mind whispered. It can't be him.
And yet, the Marauder was a corpse. It was already growing cold in the cabin, Andi's breath appearing before her in the white clouds.
Do something, Andi's mind screamed. Get us out of this. You can't go back, Andi, you can never go back.
Fear spiked through her, in and around, trying to still her like the ship.
But she was the Bloody Baroness. She was the captain of the Marauder, the greatest starship in Mirabel, and she had a crew waiting on her word.
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#14. She had always loved the stars. But tonight, she felt as if they were watching her, waiting for her to fail.

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