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#1. Grace is not the absence of the struggle; it is the presence of protection.
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#2. No-one wants to feel like they're constantly auditioning for a place in your life.
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#3. God wastes nothing, so use what He has given you as fuel for your soul's journey.
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#4. Until we forgive ourselves, we will always see ourselves through the shattered pieces of the dreams we can no longer have. Nothing can be seen clearly through broken pieces: no future, no hope, no faith, no love is capable of being seen properly until we admit that we are driving on a flat tire. We have to stop believing that just because we are damaged we are irreparably broken.
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#5. When you're a teenager - How do you determine what being a Christian looks like, if you're not willing to be as transparent as the realty TV world we live in? If we are to make it easy for others to find God, we must be more diligent about sharing our stories, openly and honestly.
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#6. Just because you help others doesn't mean you never need help yourself. Doctors can catch colds. Lawyers can be sued. Police officers can call 911.

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