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#1. Love needs to be like an equation; because if nothing exists on the opposite side of the equal sign then all you really have is a problem
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#2. Sometimes to rediscover the happiness you have lost you need to revisit habits that have laid dormant in the crypt while unhappiness has been allowed to fester.
Open the vault
Pull the happy habits out
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#3. From birth,....... I've been on a mission now it's time to enjoy the transitions
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#4. Why spend your life with someone who is dying to change you ... when you can be with someone who only wants to love you as you are.... being his world, moon and stars.
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#5. Waiting on everything to fall into place so you can be happy could mean waiting in perpetuity
so instead I will choose to be happy until everything falls into place
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#6. What is a goal, without a vison?
Who is a woman without a mission?
What is life without decisions?
Why live if not for transitions?
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#7. in sex and lust you can always trust, because sex has been good to me ; love hmmm not so much

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