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#1. I have read of a glass kept in an idol temple in Smyrna that would make beautiful things appear deformed, and deformed things appear beautiful; carnal sense is such a glass to wicked men, it makes heavenly things which are beautiful to appear deformed, and earthly things which are deformed to appear beautiful.
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#2. Sin, in being contrary to God, is contrary to man, for what crosses God's glory is opposed to man's happiness.
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#3. Sin is the quintessence of evil; it has made all the evils that there are & is itself worse than all evils it has made. It is so evil that it is impossible to make it good or lovely by all the arts that can be used.
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#4. Be as willing to die to sin as Christ was to die for sin, and as willing to live to Him as He was to die for you. Be as willing to be His, to serve Him, as that He should be yours to save you. Take Him on His own terms, give up yourself wholly to Him.
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#5. Take notice not only of the mercies of God, but of God in the mercies. Mercies are never so savoury as when they savour a Saviour.
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#6. To maintain an opinion because it is thine, and not because it is true, is to prefer thyself above the truth.
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#7. As a Christian should do no injuries to others, so he should forgive the injuries that others do to him. It is to be like God, who is a good-giving God, and a sin-forgiving God.
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#8. Sin promises like a God but pays like a Devil
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#9. Virtue and vice are both prophets; the first, of certain good; the second, of pain or else of penitence.

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