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#1. It wasn't beautiful. A Winter wedding is a union of elation and depression, red velvet blankets in a cheap motel room stained with semen from sex devoid of meaning, and black mold clinging to the fringe of floral shower curtains like a heap of dead forevers.

You sat down at the foot of the bed, looking at me like I had already
driven away. I was thinking about watching CNN. How fucked up is that? I wanted to know that your second hand, off-white dress, and my black polyester bow tie wasn't as tragic as a hurricane devouring a suburb, or a train derailment in no where, Virginia, ending the lives of two young college hopefuls.

I was naïve. I thought that there were as many right ways to feel love as the amount of

pubic hair, 

belly lint, and

scratch marks abandoned by lovers in our honeymoon suite.

When you looked at me in bed that night, I put my hand on your chest to feel a little more human. I don't know what to call you; a name does not describe the aches, or lack of. This love is unusual and comfortable.
If you were to leave, I know I'd search for days, in newspapers and broadcasts, in car accidents and exposés on genocide in Kosovo.

(How do I address this? How is one to feel about
a love without a name?)

My heart would be ambivalent, too scared to look for you
behind the curtains of the motel window, outside in the abyss of powder and pay phones
because I don't know how to love
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#2. You're not doing well and finally I don't have to
pretend to be so interested in your on going tragedy,


I'll rob the bank that gave you the impression that
money is more fruitful than words, and
I'll cut holes in the ozone if it means you have one less day of rain.
I'll walk you to the hospital,
I'll wait in a white room that reeks of hand sanitizer and latex for the results from the MRI scan that tries to
locate the malady that keeps your mind guessing, and
I want to write you a poem every day until my hand breaks
and assure you that you'll find your place,
it's just
the world has a funny way of
hiding spots fertile enough for
bodies like yours to grow roots.


I miss you like a dart hits the iris of a bullseye,
or a train ticket screams 4:30 at 4:47, I
wanted to tell you that it's my birthday on Thursday
and I would have wanted you to
give me the gift of your guts on the floor, one last time,
to see if you still had it in you.

I hope our ghosts aren't eating you alive.
If I'm to speak for myself, I'll tell you that
the universe is twice as big as we think it is
and you're the only one that made that idea
less devastating.
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#3. Perhaps you're fascinated
by the contours of my cheeks
with skin like bed sheets that
hide all of the complexities of what's underneath,
and present an image of simplicity
(that is easier to digest than
skipping heart beats for hairy legs).

I wonder if
these next six nights
of not having to feel
so alone will make you
wondrous in keeping me
as a bedside table:
to place your hard times on
before you get the forty winks
your eyes need
to glisten in the midday light of my

And it's hard to
fall back into sleep
when I've fallen in love
with studying the one that lies next to me.
I wonder if you've found landscapes in my
elbows like I've found
ebbing tides in your forehead.

Perhaps your love for me is fleeting,
and you'll have moments where you
consider tearing yourself even further apart,
but as soon as it's possible
you close your eyes again,
fall out of the thought
and back into sleep.

But, perhaps you'll keep me as a bedside table:
to place your brain things in my cupboards,
to place your step dad in my cupboards,
to place your sad eyes in my drawers,
to put your heart ache in my
mouth, your desire for love in bite marks on my
neck, and your misty breath in my

whispering 'you are so important to me'.
-Bedside Table
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#4. I wanted to tell you that it's my birthday on Thursday and I would have wanted you to give me the gift of your guts on the floor, one last time,
to see if you still had it in you.

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