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#1. Knowing the Princess was forced to swallow her pride, and it was probably so big it could choke a horse, Tag decided to honor his vow to assist her.
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#2. Since when do princesses go on quests? They are the ones who remain safely locked away in towers playing the role of damsel-in-distress!
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#3. I will not be fooled again. The next cute bunny limping my way will get it!
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#4. look here you old, painted hussy! I am neither a tart, a trollop, nor am I a strumpet! I am a lady of refined breeding and culture, so bugger off, before this little poppet pops you one in that ugly, wrinkled mug!
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#5. Sensing this man had issued a challenge, Rose was not about to be outdone by a village idiot.

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