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#1. Sometimes it takes getting a little lost to recognize a path.
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#2. Vigo: Please make yourselves at home. Some tea?
Coglsey: We don't have time for this!
Vigo: There is always time for tea.
Miskit: You don't understand. We're on an important mission, and our friends need help!
Vigo: If your mission is so important, you should sit down and reflect about what to do. - The Last Council
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#3. Remember that it's easier to see where light is coming from in the dark. This is important to remember, for when all the lights go out.
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#4. When you begin to realize the true weight of your actions...you will awaken to become the person the world needs you to be.
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#5. MOM: 'You have to remember we're on an alien planet. There are all sorts of strange and dangerous things around us.'

NAVIN: 'Yeah, isn't it great?

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