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#1. Today he told Erec "Fun is for having. It is the one thing that is forever." Erec agreed.
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#2. No time better than the present,' I always say. Or was that, 'Nothing is better than a present'? I forget.
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#3. The best way to walk into a nightmare is with a smile.
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#4. That's the key. The quests are things you need to do for others so that you can learn.
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#5. Imagine – hundreds of years of constant learning. It's truly amazing.
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#6. He pointed the scepter around the library and had an instant input of all of the books that were there into his brain, as if he had read them all at once.
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#7. It was quiet in the jungle, the kind of quiet that rings in your ears.
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#8. His wild white hair and beard projected from all angles of his face, making him look like a dandelion gone to seed.
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#9. Seriously?" Spartacus looked amazed. "I thought this looked the same to everyone. We're in a massive library that stretches all the way to the sky. It's beautiful, with oak and teak shelves, gorgeous patterns in the wood, and beautiful books. There's endless amounts to read and look at.

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