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#1. Our special for today is pork bone stew," the manager said.

"Pork bone stew sounds excellent," I said. "Rayyel could use a spine."

"Is heartless shrew on the menu?" Rai asked without batting an eye.
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#2. Five years of regret has a funny way of fermenting inside someone - like wine, it had only gained potency over the years.
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#3. I was a different man, then…one full of anger and regrets. Now, only the regrets remain.
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#4. Everything is cursed in one form or another," Enosh said, snorting. He didn't even glance up. "The mages of Enji have kept invaders at bay for centuries by inventing these stories. I walked barefoot around the lake when we first arrived. You don't see eyes growing out of my legs."

"Well," Kefier said. "Not yet.
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#5. Do mages land on their feet, like cats? Because I swear to Sakku if you don't shut up and leave right now I'm going to push you through that window." The tone of her voice must have got to him, then, because he finally got up. He sulked along the wall for a few moments, hoping perhaps that she would change her mind, which made her start thinking that strangling was so unsophisticated; it was probably easier to cut him with a knife and drop all the bits in the lake for the fish to feed on.
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#6. The true story, as always, is in the details.
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#7. ...and yet here you are, Kefier, traipsing along the woods like some Agartes-be-damned fairy nymph...
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#8. Ancient oak, actually, is what the boy used to call her, back when he was still a boy. Like all men, he had aged too fast. She still remembers long, summer nights back in Hafod, when she would bake bread with the windows open while he would take his crutches to read his books on the kitchen table. He used to tell her how much he loved her bread, that he thinks it is the most wonderful thing in the world. He was always a flatterer, that one.
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#9. If you think that, then you, sir, are just as unacquainted with my sort of tenacity. I'd sooner let rats crawl out of my ass."

"Actually, maybe I'll stay," Enosh said. "That might prove amusing.
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#10. One time, over half of my warlords refused to attend a summit because I had failed to properly address them by the decorative titles my father had doled out like candy after the war: Minister of Horses, Master of Archery, Commissioner of Arts. Titles that had no weight in the council, because to be part of the council one actually needed to do some work. The warlords didn't even have the decency to inform me they felt slighted. If I had known they would throw such massive sulks beforehand, I would've gone and made up extra titles just to please them. I've always wanted to use Secretary of the Dung Heap.
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#11. I think it's different, when you're trying to fight for something. You're trying to preserve a part of yourself so that you have enough left over for tomorrow. We're all a little like that, no matter how far off the edge we've been.
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#12. Betrayal has a funny way of turning your world upside-down. As familiar as I had already been with it by that point, it still amazed me how far I could stretch that moment of denial. The thought of what had been - of what could yet be - persisted. Perhaps it is not the same for most people. Perhaps, when you love less, it is easier not to let the emptiness become a cavern from which you could no longer see the sun.

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