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#1. A broken heart, no matter how it is delivered, hurts.
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#2. So pray with all your heart. Pray for the ability to forgive. Pray for the person who hurt you. Pray to be filled with the love of Christ. And the Lord will fill your well of charity until it overflows. Even if all you have is the desire to forgive the person who hurt you, it is enough to take to the Lord. If you will bring Him the desire, the Lord will provide the miracle of forgiveness.
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#3. When I am feeling bad about myself, the best thing I can do is spend time with someone who knows me well and loves me well. Out of all the people in my life who fit that description, nobody can come close to the way my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. He has known me, and you, since before the world was created.
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#4. Anger will eat at the most tender parts of your heart and make you hard-hearted, bitter, and jaded. A hard heart cannot feel the gentle touch of the Holy Ghost. A bitter heart cannot taste the sweetness of forgiveness. A jaded heart cannot believe in Christ's power to heal all wounds.
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#5. You are a radiant, glorious, magnificent, spiritual being. Not were. Not will be. Are.

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