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#1. In order to create something new, to invent a new product or idea, you need to anticipate where things are headed. That requires a mixture of certain habits of mind. You need to foster imagination, thoroughly understand the origins of past ideas, learn from others' mistakes, talk to lots of people about ideas and test your hypotheses against people both alive and dead.
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#2. Reading is a time machine that allows you to acquire wisdom from the past and to analyze and imagine another person's vision of the future.
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#3. I don't necessarily think there's a difference in terms of how the film industry and the ad industry view visual effects. If visual effects (or the lack thereof) are used as a tool to strengthen an idea, they're great. If they are meant to carry more of a load in the absence of a concept, they're a waste and a distraction.
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#4. Reading books is a way for you to communicate with and learn from the best thinkers that are writing today and that have ever lived.

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