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#1. He knew that these creatures were dead, that they were reanimated echoes who wore the disguise of the people they had once been, but Tom's words rang in his mind. They used to be people. How could he strike them? How could he hurt them? Children, women, old people. Lost souls.
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#2. Lilah stood above them, tall and beautiful, her white hair whipping in the fresh breeze, her clothes streaked with gore, her hazel eyes glowing with fire.
She turned slowly to Nix and in her ghostly whisper of a voice said, I hate boys.
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#3. A wise man once said that we can't make anyone feel or do anything. We can throw things into the wind, but it's up to each person to decide how they want to react, where they want to stand when things fall.
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#4. Newton screamed when he felt them begin to crawl over his scrotum and try to wiggle between his buttocks
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#5. It was harder to let yourself sink if someone else needed you to be their rock.
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#6. They won the war but lost the peace,
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#7. Hell's a-coming and we all gotta learn to play the blues. (347)
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#8. In short," Dolan said, "if I try to fuck with Limbus, I'll end up on the street corner wearing a tinfoil hat.
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#9. But the colonel said and did nothing as the seconds splintered off the clock and fell like debris on the floor.
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#10. My 'Rot & Ruin' series is a post-apocalyptic adventure for teens. My 'Joe Ledger' novels are science-based action thrillers for adults. My 'Dead of Night' stories are zombie tales for adults; my 'Pine Deep Trilogy' is classic horror for adults, and I've written nonfiction books on topics ranging from martial arts to folklore.
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#11. I'm self-aware enough to know that I have a somewhat fractured personality. Not exactly multiple personality disorder, but clearly there were different drivers at the wheel depending on my mood, and depending on my needs. Over
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#12. There are different kinds of predators. There are the kinds who target the weak. And there are those with more of a Dexter vibe who don't lose sleep if a child abuser has a hard time on the way to the station.
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#13. What terrified her most was the thought that staying alive had become nothing more than a habit. That was it. A reflex action without further or deeper purpose.
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#14. Everyone carries around his own monsters.
Richard Pryor
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#15. He never did get right all the way again. And every once in a while he'd come down all bitey.
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#16. Reporters trade in pain. It sells papers. Everyone knows that.
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#17. Goat made no move to get out. "Billy...this is nuts."

"Yeah, well we left 'sane and normal' behind the first time Volker said 'zombie
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#18. Value is relative," said the saint. "A man with his house on fire and a man dying of thirst each place a different value on a glass of water.
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#19. Pain was the coin that paid the ferryman.
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#20. Okay," I said slowly, "but what the hell would you mate a horse with to get a unicorn, because I don't see horses and narwhales doing the dirty boogie.
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#21. [Therapist and friend, with a voice like Raul Julia during his Gomez Adam's days] Rudy studied my face, "I have a two o'clock open on Tuesday."
I sighed, "Yeah, ok. Tuesday at two."
He nodded, pleased. "Bring Starbucks."
"Sure, what do you want?"
"My usual. Iced half-caf ristretto quad grade two-pump raspberry two percent no whip light ice with caramel drizzle three-and-a-half-pump white mocha."
"Is any of that actually coffee?"
"More or less."
"And you think I'm damaged …
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#22. The economy blows, or don't you read the papers?"
"Who reads the fucking papers? News is free on the internet.
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#23. My whole body is a lethal weapon, you know. I know more ways to kill you than you know how to die.
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#24. When Tony lost it, it would be up to Ruger to take Lady Death by the tits and giver a good tweak. That's how he saw it. Give Lady Death's tits a good tweak.
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#25. Unless there's an officer-involved shooting or some other high-profile event going on, the Homicide Office is dead in the middle of the night.
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#26. Suddenly all those careful preparations disintegrated as predators far more dangerous than the walking dead proved what all wise killers already knew: that nothing was more dangerous than living men.
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#27. A bite will still hurt, but it won't kill you.
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#28. Get your butt in a chair and write. If it comes out weak or bad or clunky or ordinary, then accept that this happens to everyone. Everyone. Get it down, get it done, and fix it in the rewrite. Just like everyone from Stephen King to J. K. Rowling to Chuck Palahniuk does.
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#29. The high is, according to the junkies, worth the side effect. For the record, this is one of the reasons I hate people.
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#30. But there never was a country, no matter how noble or well-intentioned, that wasn't infected by a greedy and power-hungry few.
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#31. When I first encountered the 'Sigma Force' novels - long before I became friends with Jim Rollins - a bookseller told me that these stories were about 'geeks with guns.' While not entirely accurate, that's pretty close to the mark, and that really speaks to me.
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#32. That's stupid."
"That's people.
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#33. Benny Imura couldn't hold a job, so he took to killing.
It was the family business. He barely liked his family-and by family he meant his older brother, Tom-and he definitely didn't like the idea of "business". Or work. The only part of the deal that sounded like it might be fun was the actual killing.
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#34. Sometimes people say terrible things when they're scared. They don't mean to, but they can't help it. They lash out because if they can see that their words hurt someone else, it makes them feel as if they aren't completely powerless.
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#35. UNMARKED is both gorgeous and hideous. A frightening and disturbing tale spun with great beauty. Absolutely riveting.
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#36. Then this other guy, the thirteenth guy, comes crashing right into me. Even with all that was going on I thought, Drug addict. He was pale and sweaty, stank like raw sewage, and had a glazed bug-eyed stare. Sick bastard even tried to bite me, but
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#37. Maybe you should go make that call again. Ask very specifically how much of who's ass needs to be kissed here. I'm pretty sure it's my hairy butt that's gonna be getting all the love.
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#38. 'V-Wars' is a head-on collision of real-world science, terrorism, special forces action, ethics, politics and an exploration of what defines us as human.
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#39. His specialty was interrogation. Imagine it, gentlemen. Being strapped to a table so that you are entirely at the mercy of a monster such as this. A person who delights in your pain. A person to whom your screams are more delicious than a lover's whisper. A creature who knows how to keep you alive while he skillfully and meticulously deconstructs those things that define you as human?
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#40. Nix still held Benny's hand, and her grip tightened to an almost crushing force, grinding his hand bones together. It hurt, but Benny would rather have cut that hand off than take it back at that moment. If it would help Nix through this, he'd give her a pair of pliers and a vise so she could do a proper job.
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#41. Watch Die Hard films until the day started making sense again.
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#42. I took a very careful hold of the metal door handle. No shocks and nothing exploded. I pulled gently and the door yielded, but I stayed on the balls of my feet. If I felt the tension of a wire or heard a click, I was going to set a new land speed record for a scared white guy in a hazmat suit.
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#43. Making playlists can kill a whole afternoon for me. I like building very specific playlists for new writing projects. In a strange way, choosing certain songs is part of the process of plotting the book out. I pick songs that I think with resonate with characters, their personality quirks, relationship dynamics, action scenes, and so on.
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#44. Who'd play her in the movie?" "The shark from Jaws," muttered Trout.
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#45. Chong said, 'Do yourself a favor, Morg. Next time you're staring at a girl's boobs, look up. You'll be shocked to learn it, but there's going to be a face up there. Nose, mouth, eyes. And behind the eyes is an actual person.
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#46. We're on our way to rescue a queen, overthrow an evil wizard, and win back a country.
Care to join us?
- Wolverine (Doomwar #1)
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#47. When my writing career took off, it was pretty easy to keep my ego in check because old-school martial arts isn't about ego gratification. It's about maintaining a balanced view of the world and your place in it.
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#48. I'm not entirely sure who you are. I mean, you're not really a kid anymore and you're not an adult. ... So, you're going through all these changes, and I don't know who you'll be at the end of it.
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#49. As of this moment there's the police department way, the federal law enforcement way, the military way ... and my way. If you want me to function at my best then you're going to have to accept that I'm going to have to make up some of my own rules. I don't know enough about your playbook and, quite frankly, I don't like the way you operate. If I'm not a cop anymore then I'm something else, something new. Okay, then from here on out I'll decide what that is; and that includes building, shaping, and leading my team. My team, my rules.
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#50. Well, she sure don't hold the deed on grief and loss, son. We all been mussed and mauled by bad times. But that girl's done gone and shut down. I met gray people with more personality." She tapped her temple with a finger. "I'm beginning to suspect there ain't nobody home.
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#51. Leaving is never easy," said Tom. "Even when you know you have to go.
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#52. Those men saw their stranglehold over everyone starting to slip, and that meant they'd lose money and they'd lose power. And they couldn't have that. So they said that those women, those witches, were monsters. And since most people are just dumb fucks, they went along with it and soon they were burning chicks at the stake and drowning them and crushing them under rocks. That's how the men kept their power. It's how scared people always keep their power. That's why they killed Jesus. That's why they killed that little Indian guy, Gandhi.
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#53. ...told me to stop being a stupid town boy. She said that if I ever tried to go away from her again, she'd break my legs. She's very romantic, that girl. Sweet as a kitten...if a kitten was a Siberian tiger with mood issues.
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#54. Evil don't die. It just waits.
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#55. We had the whole 'when you assume you make an ass out of you and me' speech in school.
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#56. (T)he world is always changing. Always. We can't give the next generation a set of guarantees. Best we can do is help them be smart enough and tough enough to deal with whatever comes. You know as well as I do that we're not going to be there forever for them.
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#57. She knew a couple of writers. They were always broke.
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#58. She had a pretty name but she knew she wasn't pretty.
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#59. You have to keep your mind as wide-open as your eyes, because almost nothing is what it seems.
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#60. There was a lot of animosity on the County side, a lot of jealously.
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#61. There are also several notes in your file suggesting that you are a world-class smartass." "Really? You mean I made it through the nationals?" "And you apparently think you're hilarious." "You're saying I'm not?
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#62. Church didn't answer that. Instead he said, "The darkness is all around us. Very few people have the courage to light a candle against it."
"I'm not that kind of idealist."
"Nor am I. We are of a kind, Captain, and neither of us is holding a candle against the darkness. Like the unknown and unseen enemy we fight, people like you and me, we are the darkness. In some ways we are more like the things we're fighting than the people we're protecting. Granted our motives are better
from our perspective
but we wait in the shadows for our unseen enemy to make a move against those innocents with candles. And by that light we take aim.
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#63. It's refreshing to be insane. Just as it's liberating to be aware of it.
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#64. Life is truly weird ... And it's not getting any less weird the farther I get from home.
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#65. 'Bad Blood' tells the story of Trick, a teenage slacker on the losing side of a fight with cancer. When he's attacked by a vampire, he figures it's game over. Except that the chemo drugs in Trick's blood poison the vampire.
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#66. They held each other and wept as the night closed its fist around their tiny shelter, and the world below them seethed with killers both living and dead.
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#67. In the car sometimes I'd just start balling my eyes out.
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#68. You crazy or something?" growled Zucco. "It's come up in therapy.
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#69. I fished inside my head for something, some way to prove it. And those strange words floated to the surface of my need. In as clear a
voice as l could, l looked at Prospero and said, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
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#70. The whole world turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet ...
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#71. The voice that answered did not belong to the beautiful woman who'd hired me last time. The voice was male. Nasal, high-pitched, fussy. If a Chihuahua could talk, it would be like that.
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#72. I work at T-Town, which is about ninety-nine percent men, and all of them either are alpha personalities or think they are. That said, what we have here is the standard dynamic for sexual tension. I'm moderately good-looking. I have big boobs, and I get hit on by everyone from the pastor of my church to baristas at Starbucks, and by every single guy at T-Town except for my boss and the range master. I don't blame them and I don't judge them. It's part of the procreative drive hardwired into us, and we haven't evolved as a species far enough exert any genuine control over the biological imperative. You, on the other hand, are a very good-looking man of prime breeding age. Old enough to have interesting lines and scars--and stories to go with them--and young enough to be a catch. You probably get laid as often as you want to, and you can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times women have said no to you. Maybe--and please correct me if I've strayed too far into speculation--being an agent of a secret government organization has led you to buy into the superspy sex stud propaganda perpetuated by James Bond films."
"My name is Powers," I said. "Austin Powers."
She ignored me and plowed ahead. "We're in the middle of a crisis. We may have to work closely together for several days, or even several weeks. Close-quarters travel, emotions running high, all that. If it's all the same to you, I'd rather not spend the next few days living inside a trite off
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#73. Suffering is easier to endure when shared.
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#74. But it was death that changed. People are still people. Some good, some bad. Death changed, and we don't know what death really means anymore. Maybe that was the point. Maybe this is an object lesson about the arrogance of our assumptions. Hard to say. But the world? She didn't change. She healed. We stopped hurting her and she began to heal. You can see it all around. The whole world is a forest now. The air is fresher. More trees, more oxygen.
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#75. Did the sudden dark remind you that all of the things we expect to be there for us, to protect us, shelter us, provide for us, are fleeting and finite?
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#76. The thunder growled loud enough to wake the storm.
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#77. There's an old military saying...If at first you don't succeed, call in an air strike.
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#78. I knelt down and hugged the furry monster for a while. If it was too tight, Ghost didn't seem to mind. He wagged his tail and whined a little, sensing the hurt that I felt. Dogs are truly the best of companions. You don't need to explain. They know as much as they need to know, and they are loyal no matter what sins you've committed.
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#79. My Honda revved, shuttered, and broke free of the Chrysler.
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#80. We forget that winter will come again. We forget that nothing really endures and that, like the flowers that die at the end of the growing season, we'll join them in the cold ground.
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#81. How the hell are you idiots allowed to run a country? I should have voted for a clown college. They'd at least have a reason for being this stupid.
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#82. Life don't never get easy, does it? It just keeps getting harder in stranger ways.
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#83. The truth is the truth. What changes is what we know about it and what we're willing to believe.
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#84. The girl's eyes rolled high and he fell backward. Dez
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#85. But, you see, the water-going dinosaur likes to eat people. It's envisioned that it might swim through the newly acquired waterways, due to the ice melting and find its way to warmer waters and make its way to our civilization. Then, much like an old Japanese monster movie, start tearing down cities and eating fleeing citizens, stomping pedestrians, and receiving an air strike.
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#86. So is that it? Will I have to live the rest of my life like this? Not doing the right thing? Not saying the right words?"
"That's your choice. You can't change the past. Ah, but the future ... you own the future." The Greenman smiled. "So, you tell me ... what choice do you want to make now?
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#87. What could I do? I was afraid he'd point at me and say 'Him!,' and then lightning bolts would hit me or something
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#88. So, basically if we keep trying to save the country and maybe the world from a bunch of murderous assholes with outer space weapons, then we're the bad guys?"
"In a nutshell."
"Then, hey ... let's be bad guys.
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#89. I write every day. Most weekdays, I write about ten hours a day. That doesn't mean eight hours of surfing the Net or watching videos on YouTube. I park my butt in a chair and write ... I learned that writer's block is a myth created by people who don't have, or understand, a writing process.
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#90. By the time I finished the first series, 'Marvel Universe vs. Punisher,' I knew that there was a lot more story to tell.
Jonathan Maberry Quotes #33702
#91. We've all had our moments of weakness and failure. All of us. We've all suffered through dark nights of the soul.
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#92. I don't aspire to write like Steve King. Sure, I admire his work, and I think he's a hell of a nice guy; we met shortly after my first Stoker win. I aspire to write like Jonathan Maberry.
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#93. She agreed with Mark Twain that golf was a good walk spoiled.
Jonathan Maberry Quotes #1233655
#94. Often it was the most unlikely people who found within themselves a spark of something greater. It was probably always there, but most people are never tested, and they go through their whole lives without ever knowing that when things are at their worst, they are at their best.
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#95. A HUMAN ELEMENT is an elegant and haunting first novel. Unrelenting, devious but full of heart. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Maberry Quotes #1402140
#96. Every single zom, every man, woman and child, no matter how decayed or how frightening they are, no matter how dangerous they are - they were all once real people. They had names, and lives, and personalities, and families. They had dreams and goals. They had pasts and they thought they had futures, but something came and took that away from them.
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#97. The world's clock had run down, and haste was irrelevant.
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#98. Men screamed as she opened them and let their futures spill out.
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#99. Do you really expect us to believe anything you say?" "You have been given assurance on behalf of the president of the United States that no further attacks would be made on the school as long as you followed the safety protocols." "Right. Tell that to the Sioux." "What?" "As much as it causes me physical pain to say this out loud to another ... what I assume is another Republican, our government doesn't have a great track record for keeping its promises with people who have something they want.
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#100. Yo! Deadheads," he yelled, waving his sword to taunt them. "Nice try, but you're messing with Benny-freaking-Imura, zombie killer. Booyah!

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