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#1. The sun was set; the night came on apace, And falling dews bewet around the place; The bat takes airy rounds on leathern wings, And the hoarse owl his woeful dirges sings.
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#2. Envy's a sharper spur than pay: No author ever spar'd a brother; Wits are gamecocks to one another.
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#3. Youth's the season made for joys, Love is then our duty.
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#4. Let firm, well hammer'd soles protect thy feet Through freezing snows, and rains, and soaking sleet; Should the big last extend the shoe too wide, Each stone will wrench the unwary step aside; The sudden turn may stretch the swelling vein, The cracking joint unhinge, or ankle sprain; And when too short the modish shoes are worn, You'll judge the seasons by your shooting corn.
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#5. Can you support the expense of a husband, hussy, in gaming, drinking and whoring? Have you money enough to carry on the daily quarrels of man and wife about who shall squander most?
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#6. The comfortable estate of widowhood is the only hope that keeps up a wife's spirits.
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#7. Praising all alike, is praising none.
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#8. What will not luxury taste? Earth, sea, and air, Are daily ransack'd for the bill of fare. Blood stuffed in skins is British Christians' food, And France robs marshes of the croaking brood.
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#9. No retreat. No retreat. They must conquer or die who've no retreat.
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#10. Envy is a kind of praise.
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#11. You can only be called a hypocrite if you judge others first.
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#12. Fair is the marigold, for pottage meet.
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#13. Why is the hearse with scutcheons blazon'd round, And with the nodding plume of ostrich crown'd? No; the dead know it not, nor profit gain; It only serves to prove the living vain.
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#14. Whoever heard a man of fortune in England talk of the necessaries of life? ... Whether we can afford it or no, we must have superfluities.
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#15. Who hath not heard the rich complain Of surfeits, and corporeal pain? He barr'd from every use of wealth, Envies the ploughman's strength and health.
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#16. Beasts kill for hunger, men for pay.
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#17. But money, wife, is the true Fuller's Earth for reputations, there is not a spot or a stain but what it can take out.
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#18. From kings to cobblers 'tis the same; Bad servants wound their masters' fame.
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#19. Man may escape from rope and gun; Nay, some have outlived the doctor's pill: Who takes a woman must be undone, That basilisk is sure to kill. The fly that sips treacle is lost in the sweets, So he that tastes woman, woman, woman, He that tastes woman, ruin meets.
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#20. Learning by study must be won; 'Twas ne'er entail'd from son to son.
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#21. She who has never lov'd, has never liv'd.
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#22. Those who in quarrels interpose, must often wipe a bloody nose.
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#23. Fair is the kingcup that in meadow blows, Fair is the daisy that beside her grows.
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#24. 'T is woman that seduces all mankind; By her we first were taught the wheedling arts.
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#25. What happiness the rural maid attends, In cheerful labour while each day she spends! She gratefully receives what Heav'n has sent, And, rich in poverty, enjoys content.
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#26. One common fate we both must prove; You die with envy, I with love.
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#27. Around the steel no tortur'd worm shall twine, No blood of living insect stain my line; Let me, less cruel, cast the feather'd hook, With pliant rod athwart the pebbled brook, Silent along the mazy margin stray, And with the fur-wrought fly delude the prey.
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#28. I know you lawyers can with ease, Twist words and meanings as you please; That language, by your skill made pliant, Will bend to favour every client; That 'tis the fee directs the sense, To make out either side's pretense.
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#29. To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that wait on female pride: Let Nature guide thee; sometimes golden wire The shining bellies of the fly require; The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail, Nor the dear purchase of the sable's tail.
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#30. An open foe may prove a curse, but a pretended friend is worse.
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#31. There is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one's self.
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#32. In love we are all fools alike.
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#33. Cowards are cruel, but the brave love mercy and delight to save.
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#34. Gamesters and highwaymen are generally very good to their whores, but they are very devils to their wives.
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#35. O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed, by keeping men off, you keep them on.
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#36. She who has never loved has never lived.
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#37. Were I laid on Greenland's Coast, And in my Arms embrac'd my Lass; Warm amidst eternal Frost, Too soon the Half Year's Night would pass.
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#38. Nor love, not honor, wealth nor power, can give the heart a cheerful hour when health is lost. Be timely wise; With health all taste of pleasure flies.
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#39. Woman's mind Oft' shifts her passions, like th'inconstant wind; Sudden she rages, like the troubled main, Now sinks the storm, and all is calm again.
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#40. And when a lady's in the case, You know, all other things give place.
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#41. Lest men suspect your tale untrue, Keep probability in view.
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#42. Thus shadow owes its birth to light.
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#43. In beauty faults conspicuous grow; The smallest speck is seen on snow.
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#44. What frenzy dictates, jealousy believes
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#45. Shall ignorance of good and ill Dare to direct the eternal will? Seek virtue, and of that possest, To Providence resign the rest.
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#46. How happy could I be with either, Were t'other dear charmer away!
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#47. How, like a moth, the simple maid Still plays around the flame!
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#48. To cheat a man isnothing; but the womanmust have fine parts indeed who cheats a woman!
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#49. Fools may our scorn, not envy, raise. For envy is a kind of praise.
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#50. I must have women - there is nothing unbends the mind like them.
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#51. Of all mechanics, of all servile handycrafts-men, a gamester is the vilest. But yet, as many of the quality are of the profession, he is admitted amongst the politest company.
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#52. Twas when the seas were roaring With hollow blasts of wind, A damsel lay deploring, All on a rock reclined.
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#53. A rich rogue nowadays is fit company for any gentleman; and the world, my dear, hath not such a contempt for roguery as you imagine.
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#54. Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the midnight oil?
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#55. To friendship every burden's light.
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#56. By outward show let's not be cheated; An ass should like an ass be treated.
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#57. My Own Epitaph
Life's a jest, and all things show it.
I thought so once, and now I know it.
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#58. Do you think your mother and I should have lived comfortably so long together, if ever we had been married? Baggage!
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#59. If the heart of a man is depressed with cares, The mist is dispell'd when a woman appears; Like the notes of a fiddle, she sweetly, sweetly Raises the spirits, and charms our ears.
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#60. When if or chance or hunger's powerful sway Directs the roving trout this fatal way, He greedily sucks in the twining bait, And tugs and nibbles the fallacious meat. Now, happy fisherman; now twitch the line! How thy rod bends! behold, the prize is thine!
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#61. No author ever spar'd a brother.
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#62. Look round, the wrecks of play behold; Estates dismember'd, mortgaged, sold! Their owners now to jails confin'd, Show equal poverty of mind.
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#63. Give me, kind heaven, a private station, a mind serene for contemplation.
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#64. Fill ev'ry glass, for wine inspires us,
And fires us
With courage, love and joy.
Women and wine should life employ.
Is there ought else on earth desirous?
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#65. Shadow owes its birth to light.
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#66. Can love be controll'd by advice?
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#67. I never, with important air, In conversation overbear ... My tongue within my lips I rein; For who talks much must talk in vain.
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#68. Here Shock, the pride of all his kind, is laid, Who fawned like man, but ne'er like man betrayed.
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#69. The fly that sips treacle is lost in the sweets.

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