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#1. One day, he will be able to smile again. And I will still be there for him.
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#2. Julia quickly looked back down at the keyboard, trying to continue her recital unperturbedly, but she was fully aware of his eyes on her. In fact, she wanted his gaze on her. She wanted him to absorb every note she was playing. And suddenly, she found herself wishing he could somehow hear that this music had once been meant for him.
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#3. Why is life so difficult?" I sob. (…)
"I don't know. But I do know it's more bearable if you're not alone.
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#4. A mother's love never fades.
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#5. We may not be alone, but I sure felt like we are.
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#6. If clear rules are in place, people feel safe. Make the rules too strict and they'll feel trapped though.
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#7. I love you too," she whispered back. No matter how true those words were, to her they felt like a goodbye.
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#8. She's probably wondering why I'm gaping at her like an idiot. Yup – she's turning red. Now I really feel like a dork.
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#9. If I have a choice, I'd rather believe in our own fairytales than in their fabrications.
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#10. I want the truth, and increasingly I'm finding out that the truth is never straightforward or uncomplicated.
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#11. Gigantic clouds drift across the sky, blotting out the sun. The air is as dark as my heart.
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#12. I'm standing on the edge of something new," I say softly. "My life will change so much from here on in. But I'm not ready to leave all the old stuff behind.

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