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#1. The Hellenized Judeans are not happy with the distribution process. They don't feel their own widows and orphans are being properly and fairly cared for.
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#2. Brothers and sisters, we have been struck a crippling blow. One of our own, one whom we loved and deeply appreciated, has been cruelly taken from us. One who served his God and us with his whole heart. We miss him deeply. But let us not despair. Our Lord himself told us to expect to be hated even as he was hated. But we cannot let this distract us from our purpose. Our world still needs the Good News. Those who pose as our enemies still need the light. The light that can only come through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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#3. A sense of humor is a requisite to surviving in our demanding world
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#4. Mary and I have spent quite a bit of time with the Master. I saw him teach, I saw him heal, I saw him dine with his disciples, I saw him leave, and I saw him return. And this is what I think: I believe every moment of his entire life has been spent setting an example. Every breath, every act, every word, carries message upon message upon message. His every instant was meant to bring eternity into the moment and hope to this fallen world. The death of my brother, our time of broken mourning, our loss of hope . . .
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#5. And just as simply as that, it was over. She was no longer a student in the local town. She was a graduate. An adult. She thought she should feel something. Older.Wiser. But she felt nothing but a strange emptiness. An inner knowledge that she was now on the edge of the nest, ready to try her own wings
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#6. I was acting like a child. Wanting his full attention. His declarations of love. I wanted to be his little princess, I guess. The one he worshiped and adored. Well, life's not like that. And after thinking it through, I actually wouldn't want it to be. We aren't put together in a marriage to stroke each other's ego. Marriage is a partnership. A blending of two lives working together. That's where the commitment comes in. It's a determination of the head - not the heart. No, I shouldn't say it that way. It still involves the heart. It still is based on love, but it's new kind of love. A mature love. One that doesn't ask, "What will you do for me?" but rather "What can I do for you?" or "What can we do for each other?
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#7. Some tea?" "I wouldn't say no, sir." When
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#8. And I have discovered that God had it all planned, even before I had caught on to it.
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#9. Memories were not always pleasant, she decided. Memories could bring pain, too. She
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#10. Having someone who understands is a great blessing for ourselves. Being someone who understands is a great blessing to others.
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#11. We didn't try to talk. We really didn't need to. Later we would hear from one another all the details of the four miserable days of separation. For now it was enough just to be together again.
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#12. Sir!" Alban came to rigid attention as his feet smacked the floor and saluted. "Centurion Alban reporting to the garrison commander, sir!" "I
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#13. Only God can bring about the miracle, the rebirth. It is my job to love her, to pray for her, and to leave the rest to Him.
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#14. A good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be ...
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#15. How each of us comes for our own reasons." "Comes where?" "To be with them and listen to their message. What Stephen meant was that our motives are wrong. Our thinking is wrong. But if we come . . . with an open heart and mind, we will see the rightness of their declarations.
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#16. Her love for Willie drove her to decide for his happiness. He'd never be happy to admit defeat, to leave his beloved hills and valleys and return back east.
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#17. But I refused to mope about for the evening. My little ritual with teacup, familiar chair, and a favorite Dickens story went a long way toward improving my outlook.
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#18. the only sign of where Stephen had been murdered was a dark stain among the rocks. He could see the followers carefully, sorrowfully, moving his body toward an open burial cave. Linux remained apart from those grieving by the cave's opening. His eyes were dry, yet his heart felt wrenched by tears only he could sense. Or perhaps not, for a pair of men approached, one of them the rugged apostle called Peter. "A tragic day, and a glorious day," the man said softly.
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#19. God knows best. We can trust Him with our lives as well as our eternal souls. He does not take something from us without filling that spot with something just as good
and because it's from Him, even much better
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#20. We bowed our heads together, and I prayed and then Nimmie prayed. Hers was a beautiful, simple prayer, beginning in faith and repentance and ending with joy and praise.
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#21. God is like that, Virginia concluded. He's always on duty. Moving from one need to another. Always there- for everyone. He'll get us through this. He has a way.
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#22. Sometimes love isn't fireworks, sometimes love just comes softly.
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#23. I'm not saying that suffering is our fault. I believe we suffer because sin has taken hold of the world. And with sin comes selfishness and heartlessness and wickedness. But I also think there will be a day of reckoning, Nick, when God lays out all we've done and judges our actions. That's not as popular to talk about anymore, I suppose. We all like to hear about a God who loves and forgives rewards. But He isn't holy and just if He doesn't deal with all those wrongs. I would never want to stand before God without having done everything in my power to extend His mercy to the people around me whenever I could.
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#24. True love is born of experience, not fairy dust.
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#25. When God allows something to be taken from you, He replaces it with something better.
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#26. A person doesn't demonstrate independence by rebelling. You do it by shouldering responsibilities, making wise, thoughtful decisions.
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#27. Nimmie, when I realized that I was a sinner, that I could do nothing myself to atone for my sins, I did the only thing one can do - that is necessary to do. I accepted what God has provided for all of mankind - His forgiveness. His forgiveness through the death of His Son, Jesus. He died for our sins so that we need not die for our own. I don't understand that kind of love either, Nimmie. But I know that it's real, for I have felt it. When I prayed to God and asked for His forgiveness and took His Son as my Savior, that love filled my whole person. Where I had had misery and fear before, now I have peace and joy." "And He would do that for me?
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#28. He did this not only for us, but for everyone who witnessed that day. And for those like you who hear of it. He did this to show that even in the darkest hour, when there is no reason to go forward, no possibility of a better tomorrow, he is there to comfort, to guide, to heal. He brings with him the gift of hope. Impossible, glorious, joyful hope.
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#29. O Lord God," she breathed fervently, "may I be able to serve as you served when you were with us. I will joyfully lend my hands, my heart to the task before me, in your name. Strengthen me to serve. Give wisdom. Supply the means to meet the needs. Make me a blessing to all whom I touch, I pray with thanksgiving.
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#30. I beg you to stop your arguing and listen. The prophets speak of this time, when the Chosen One of God will cleave us apart, separating the believers from those who will be cast into the outer darkness. Have you ever in all your days seen a time when the division has been clearer? Have you ever known a time when miracles rained down from an empty sky, when the prophets' words were so clearly being fulfilled?
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#31. But the teacher they follow is dead." "Is he? Are you so certain of that?" Gamaliel's eyes carried a piercing quality. "Have you bothered to hear what they are saying? They spoke their news again yesterday, standing before the group that had threatened them with death. They follow a messiah who departed so that the Spirit of God could breathe upon them all, a messiah who lives within.
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#32. The experience was both vivid and wrenching. The convicting reflections on all his impure thoughts and desires could not have been clearer. It felt as though some inner awareness had now been awakened. With each word Stephen prayed, the experience only grew stronger. On the other side, each of those desires and yearnings was being lifted up for inspection - not only his, he realized. Something else was inside him, something new. . . . He could only identify it as God. Not merely the Judean God. My God. God was helping him sift and sort - those selfish and evil desires pushed to one side, the hunger for truth and holy living gathered on the other.
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#33. The Sadducees are Hellenized Judeans and dominate the Council. The Pharisees are a minority on the Council, and consider the Sadducees to be their, well - " "Their enemy.
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#34. God will show you who to partner with when the time comes.
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#35. A wonderful truth engulfed her. She was safe. They were all still safe. As long as they followed the ways of God, they had nothing to fear. He was holy - but he was just. And as long as they followed their godly leaders - like Peter, like Stephen - they would remain protected and on the right path.
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#36. His gaze lingered upon Abigail,
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#37. Stephen remained untouched. Instead, the illumination surrounding him strengthened further, as though all light in the chamber was drawn to this one man. Stephen lifted his face toward the chamber's ceiling and cried, "Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!" These words unleashed both the Council and the mob. The chamber was filled with shrill cries demanding he be condemned to death.
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#38. Experience teaches us when to wait and when to move forward.
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#39. You're like Jesus," Susie said, more positively now that she had said the words out loud. "He doesn't like it when people be bad either. An' He doesn't like to send them away - out of heaven. But it would spoil heaven for everybody else if He let bad people in there." Wynn said nothing, but his eyes looked misty as he reached out to tousle the little black head on his way to the bedroom for his slippers.
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#40. but the truth is this. Peter opened his heart and mind to the Spirit's movement and acted as he was directed. Nothing more. We are merely hands and feet for the Spirit's use.
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#41. Peter is saying the very same thing to these new believers. It is not within my power to bring anyone to faith in Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit can do this. All I can do is introduce the concept and suggest that if indeed what I am saying is true, then they should pray to Jesus and ask that he enter into their lives and reside in their hearts and minds." Ezra said, "Peter is speaking to new believers?" "Yes. This takes precedence over everything." Stephen waved a hand around. "Everyone here knows how important you are. But these require instruction.
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#42. Without that forgiveness, that peace, no heart is ever happy. There is always an inner struggle. Pain. Only when God has been invited in-to manage one's life, to direct one's thinking, to be in control-can one ever get away from all the conflicts inside. We have to stop struggling against His will before we can find real joy.
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#43. Jesus never taught revolution, the kind with swords and battles and bloodshed. He talked about a revolution of love. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy.
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#44. I pushed it aside. I didn't want to get love feelin's all mixed in with my bitter ones. The one might somehow destroy the other.
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#45. As I looked at them, I found my mind rushing ahead to the wedding planned for the first part of September, and I wondered what flowers would be available. That was another decision that had to be made. Oh, my! Was there no end to them? It seemed that ever since Wynn had asked me to become his wife, I had been making one decision after the other - some big and some not-so-big. As my thoughts turned to Wynn, I smiled to myself. How fortunate I was to be engaged to marry such a man. He was everything a girl could ever desire - his height, his bearing, his smile, his quiet self-assurance, his caring. And he loved me! I would have gone on and on daydreaming but Kathleen interrupted me.
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#46. Mankind cannot suffer anywhere without it bringing sorrow to other hearts
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#47. But If it is to be, or not, That's all in God's hands.
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#48. The sunset was a splendid display. I wondered if it was showing off for my benefit or if it was often that spectacular. Rarely had I seen such a gorgeous scene; the riotous colors flamed out over the sky in shades that I had no words to describe. Birds sang their last songs of the day before tucking in for the night, and still the darkness hung back. Now, I thought, I understand the word "twilight." It was created for just this time - in this land.
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#49. We'll wire ahead and have your trunks sent back - because I'm not letting you go after them. Trunks or no trunks, you're staying here - where you belong." I had no objections.
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#50. People who live in fear tend to do a powerful lot of nothing.
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#51. Does this God of yours speak with you often?" "No. But he makes his will known. His Holy Spirit moves among us. I'm practicing listening and hearing and obeying.
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#52. No one ever outgrows the need for a mother's love.
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#53. Do ya think he'll agree to it?
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#54. It was Gramps' turn now. He took his time and
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#55. There now," she said with some satisfaction and, taking careful aim, she shut her eyes and chopped hard. It worked - but Marty was totally unprepared for the next event. A wildly flopping chicken - with no head - covered her unmercifully with spattered blood. "Stop thet! Stop thet!" she screamed. "Yer s'pose to be dead, ya - ya dumb headless thing.
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#56. When men don't have God, they need substitutes. To my way of thinking, whiskey is a poor substitute - but many men depend upon it. But what I am angry about is that they didn't obey my orders.
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#57. Goin' to the altar. I mean, do ya feel different, or anything?" "Well, it ain't the goin' to the altar," said Willie. I had the feelin' that he was repeatin' what the preacher had said. "It's the prayin' thet makes the difference,
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#58. Many of the girls wear simple dresses to church. We do not make a point of 'dressing up,' nor do we study one another to see what is being worn. Nor does God. It's our hearts He views as we enter the doors to His church. Not our clothing.
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#59. Whenever I am present, we are vigilant to give the same allotments to all who approach us." "But when you are absent?" Stephen turned and stared out the storeroom's open doorway. "The widows and orphans from the freedmen's group are perhaps the most vulnerable among us. Many come from outlying provinces. They include many former slaves, with no funds or income or place to stay. We help care for all their needs. Especially those without gardens, fields, or vineyards of their own." "And families to help," Abigail said softly. He looked at her. "If everyone had your giving heart and caring spirit, this situation would vanish.
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#60. When tragedy happens a real family pulls together, mine ripped apart.
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#61. Memories are so fragile, you know. Sometimes I feel they are best left undisturbed.
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#62. You women are strange creatures, indeed," he said. "No wonder we men never succeed in understandin' ya. But thanks be to God fer makin' ya the way ya are.
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#63. Which was why the Sadducees in particular were so infuriated with this sect, Ezra realized. The Sadducees were convinced the afterlife did not exist at all. Man lived, man died. The candle was snuffed out. Finished. A very Greek philosophy, it was one that found favor only with the highly educated, the rich, the well traveled. The average Judean despised the Sadducees for this and for how they had allied themselves with the Romans.
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#64. All I know for certain is this: Caiaphas - and probably Annas also - is still extremely worried about a man who was most definitely crucified and buried.
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#65. Why is this important? Because it means the division between God and man has been abolished. Vanished. How? Because the great Jehovah, the One whose name may only be whispered once each year by the anointed high priest, had sent - yes, sent - his Son to be crucified. Why? How could the eternal Lord of all do such a thing?
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#66. How I looked forward to having my house neat and orderly again.
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#67. A dense pall of fear hung over the entire group. Previously they had sensed that persecution might come. They had tried to prepare for it. Now it was real - raw and terrifying. If their enemies could do this to a man like Stephen, who sought only to serve his community and anyone in need, every one of them was in danger. All of them! Little groups huddled in whispered conversation. Mothers stayed home from evening prayer to shelter children. Men moved furtively, casting glances to each side as they hastened through the streets. The whole community was wrapped in a shroud of tension and uneasiness.
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#68. Little is much, If love abides
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#69. WAIT to finish my chores that mornin'. I needed to sneak off to my favorite log along the crik bank and find myself some thinkin' time. Too many things had been happening too fast; I was worried that my whole world was about to change. I didn't want it changed. I liked things jest the way they were, but if I
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#70. Buried under the biggest burden is a good place to find an even bigger blessing.
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#71. Do I tell you how to braid your hair? Don't tell me how to plow a field.
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#72. I am not afraid of death, Abigail. I am afraid that I might draw back and not be bold in proclaiming the gospel." He hesitated, then said, "And I am afraid that I might not stand firm. That under the heel of the enemy, in pain, I might deny my Lord.
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#73. I loved seeing your world. It truly was fascinating. But as the days and weeks went by, I was so homesick for the rivers, the forests, I could hardly wait to come home.
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#74. Linux remained where he was, more comfortable with his solitary position at the table than he'd ever been before. He felt a childlike ease, so protected, so accepted he could expose his most hidden weaknesses and fears and uncertainties and know all was well, all forgiven, all blessed. The stone he had carried inside was finally dissolving. Inner wounds were now open to healing light, and the gift of hope was like an illumination around him.
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#75. As I say, I'd heard it all before, but one thing sorta caught me and had me puzzled. This preacher looked like what he was talkin' about filled him with such happiness that he was about to bust. It seemed that he was pleased to pieces that God had gone out of His way to do all that for man. "Mercy," he called it - mercy and grace - mercy bein' the withholdin' of what you really deserved, like a woodshed trip if you'd been bad; and grace - the gettin' of what you really didn't deserve, like the extra dish of ice cream when there were six servin's and five people to share them. At
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#76. He was too bold," said Abigail with a shake of her head. "It was not proper. And he is Roman." Leah
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#77. Feel fee to be a usin' anythin' in the house, an' if there be anythin' thet ya be needin', make a list. I go to town most saturdays fer supplies, an' I can be a pickin' it up then. When ya feel more yerself like, ya might want to come along an' do yer own choosin'.
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#78. Everywhere the woman went she drew her little rainbow of happiness along with her
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#79. When you read you can have every adventure. In the pages of a book you can be anyone you ever dreamed of being ... They can never tell you you're too young to slay the dragon
because it all happens right here, where it's safe.
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#80. Getting things accomplished isn't nearly as important as taking time for love.
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#81. There was no use grieving over what might have been
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#82. Stephen and the others at the table broke the bread in the baskets before them, and one of the others then prayed about a broken vessel, a perfect sacrifice. Words Linux knew he should have understood, because Stephen had spent their last two sessions explaining what would happen during the communion service. How they followed a pattern that had been set in place at their last meal with the Messiah during the Passover feast, the night before he had been taken from them. Linux knew all these things, yet he was unprepared for what was happening. Not there at the front table, as next the wine was poured and blessed and shared. No, what was happening inside him.
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#83. Saul of Tarsus. The young man's face was aflame with the same fiery vengeance that filled Ezra's heart. The elders dropped their cloaks of office by Saul's feet and moved forward as the crowd unfolded. That was how it seemed to Ezra. They were a human fist, cloaked not in their robes but in rage, and they flexed their fingers in preparation of doing away with the man who dared offend the Sanhedrin.
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#84. I think that is why - why God allows hard things in life. To prepare us. To knock off rough edges - pride, bias, envy, selfishness - so that when we get to heaven we will be more in tune - more able to enjoy the beautiful things we'll find there. Maybe that's what the rewards will be. A deeper appreciation of what we are given - what we are a part of.
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#85. I don't understand all about God, but there's one thing that I'm as sure of as the fact that I live and breathe. He loves us. He loves us completely, and always keeps our good in mind.
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#86. Prayer had worked.
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#87. You are not the only one who has spent the night in reflection. The final festival of the spring season is this coming Sabbath, fifty days after Passover. In Hebrew it is called Shavuot, though many now call it by its Greek name, Pentecost. It marks the end of the spring harvest, and the day carries a divine purpose. We are called to draw near to the throne of God, to receive an earthly foretaste of the splendor to come.
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#88. Nazarenes." Ezra faltered, leaning against a nearby wall. The word in Hebrew was Hanozree and held powerful significance among religious Judeans. The word signified the highest form of denial of self, rejection of sin, turning away from temptation, and earnestly seeking the Lord.
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#89. Servants, serve well your masters. For this is right. And in so doing, you do it as to the Lord.
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#90. It's not that somehow we may discover something in how we view ourselves or our enviroment that we'll find suitably fillling, that will help us rise above the daily struggle for existence. I'm saying that everything in the natural world proclaims there's something infinetly more-some wisdom and reason behing everything we see. Just look around. It doesn't take a college degree to see it.
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#91. They met each morning with a group of the followers for a time of thanksgiving and supplication, a practice maintained by members of their group throughout Jerusalem.
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#92. I was going to need help. I knew of only one true source readily available to me. I stopped for a few moments of prayer.
Janette Oke Quotes #888226
#93. do not know the answer. So I have returned to the things I do know. We are children of God. God is holy. He is merciful. But he is also just. He does not delight in punishing his own. So this . . . this indiscretion was serious in the eyes of God. More serious than we as his creatures might have made it to be. Had God ignored it, would one lie have grown into two? Multiplied many times over? What would the end have been? Total disregard for who God is? Would we, as his people, eventually lose all proper holy fear?
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#94. Don't be fooled. Charlie remembers things exactly the way he wants to remember them. I suppose we all do ... And then we spend the rest of our lives basing the way we think about our families on what we THOUGHT happened
instead of what really did.
Janette Oke Quotes #623510
#95. Stephen could not have been more different than they. When he once more turned back, Ezra took the opportunity to ask, "Are you perhaps a member of the Sadducees?" The younger man gave Ezra his full attention. "Not now, not ever," he answered with a slight shake of his head. "I believe in the afterlife and the union with the risen Lord. As do all followers of the Way.
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#96. The cake had been done by a lady friend of Mary's. It was simpler than it would have been had she been given more time; but I was finding more and more beauty in simplicity.
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#97. He must be suffering, too. She had noted the weary sag of his shoulders, the quivering lips, the tear- filled eyes. Somehow she had never thought of him as hurting- of being capable of understanding how she felt.
Janette Oke Quotes #983916
#98. Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things.
Janette Oke Quotes #1222212
#99. Sometimes, the darkest part of the morning is just before dawn
Janette Oke Quotes #1426284
#100. Who knows what exciting things might be just over the next hill.

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