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#1. Don't give them niggas no money. It's a post warning. Feed as in food actually means the money. And it's post because I already got the money but once you taste success, you want more success and that's what it is.
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#2. People really don't know the extent of what I actually do. I'm not one of those rappers ... "Hey! Make a hit. Throw it on an album! Sit at home and make more music." I put 4 or 5 mixtapes out and do shows all year long.
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#3. I don't even go on the computer. Don't anybody around me get on the computer.
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#4. Private schools have been attacking public schools and really I was just a pawn in their game. I speak at schools of all ages on a regular basis.
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#5. At the end of the day, I wanna be a great ... a legend. I've been working hard.
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#6. In changing times, we should all lend our support to the independent retailers. Without independent retailers, many of the biggest names in music would still be undiscovered. They break new artists and movements. We all know the industry is changing, but we can't forget where we came from.

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