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#1. I come from a very big family, and I grew up in restaurants.
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#2. I'm into the vampire stuff. I think it's really fascinating and interesting. There's a lot of history behind all of that, and if you look into it, it's really interesting stuff.
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#3. I just think when you read something that's magnetic that pulls you into it or resonates with you, whatever that may be, that's always a positive thing. And you never know what that's going to be.
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#4. I'm just really into going out to eat and restaurants in general.
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#5. 'White Collar' is really a unique family where people kind of all get each other, and they're all on the same page. I was really fortunate because when I got there, I kind of just immediately fit right in with everybody.
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#6. I love to cook. And I love food. I'd probably work with animals. Interior design, I'm very into that.

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