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#1. The wind never forgets a face.
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#2. Wisdom comes in the silence of one's chaos
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#3. Your tongue is moving my King but the words are not making their way to my ears
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#4. Love is watching two people fall in love and become one.
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#5. Nelly's father was rich. Her mother was fabulous. She was reckless.
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#6. People love those they can, but hate those they don't understand.
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#7. My Grandmother says that love is like a bout of diarrhea, it needs neither an invitation nor privacy.
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#8. She was the type that had everything but needed something.
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#9. Good, I haven't written anything in two weeks except what I've written in my journal.
And that is good? What kind of standards are you using?
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#10. You are the earth, my dear grandson, and just like it takes everything without complaining, so have you shown us today that you will take everything in kind, and there's no greater title than this.

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