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#1. Like the Phoenix, we can observe in our own lives that disintegration brings with it transformation and rebirth.
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#2. When you care about situations or people, you're hopeful that things will get better. When you worry about them, you're afraid they won't.
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#3. Success or failure is proportionate to intention.
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#4. In a universe of unlimited possibility and abundance, I had attracted what I was ready to receive.
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#5. Align your feelings and endeavors with the highest vibration in the universe - love - and success will always be yours.
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#6. Thank You!' is the most powerful vibration you can send out into the Universe.
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#7. Know that there is a magnificent plan for your life. Love yourself, and you give this unique plan permission to unfold.
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#8. Set a positive example by coming from a place of love, and your energy will lift up those around you.
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#9. Disappointment and heartbreak are always opportunities for someone or something bigger and better to come in for you.
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#10. When you thank something negative for happening, or thank a negative thought for being there, you've just negated the negative and turned it into positive energy!

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