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#1. Desperate need and hunger overpowered something more vulnerable; an aching desire to know me, all of me, and to be known. To love and be loved. It changed everything. My heart swelled and broke all at once as I recognized the familiar ache. An ache I'd buried long ago.
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#2. I just inherited a ghost dog. Duke was in the back seat, his head hanging out the window.
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#3. The look she gives me is priceless - shock mixed with pure pleasure. I make a note to put that look on her face as often as possible.
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#4. At least she was creative. Whoever heard of an angel calling a coven leader a magic-stealing twat waffle?
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#5. The cigarette hung unlit from his lips. Was he doomed to roam forever in his ghost state, always wanting to light that cigarette? A small twinge of satisfaction rolled through me at the thought of him in permanent nicotine withdrawal.
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#6. She pounded a skinny red coffee stirrer against the restaurant table with the rat, tat, tat of a machine gun.
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#7. Dear earthbound spirit of apartment three-A. We are here seeking only information and do not wish you harm.
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#8. How embarrassing would that be to be found dead, naked in your bathroom, in a pile of Honey Dust?
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#9. Joy spread and filled all the empty corners of my being. "I love you, too.

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