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#1. Pattern recognition and association make up the core of our thought. These activities involve millions of operations carried out in parallel, outside the field of our consciousness. If AI appeared to hit a brick wall after a few quick victories, it did so owing to its inability to emulate these processes.
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#2. In activities other than purely logical thought, our minds function much faster than any computer yet devised.
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#3. The deep paradox uncovered by AI research: the only way to deal efficiently with very complex problems is to move away from pure logic ... Most of the time, reaching the right decision requires little reasoning ... Expert systems are, thus, not about reasoning: they are about knowing ... Reasoning takes time, so we try to do it as seldom as possible. Instead we store the results of our reasoning for later reference.
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#4. The insight at the root of artificial intelligence was that these "bits" (manipulated by computers) could just as well stand as symbols for concepts that the machine would combine by the strict rules of logic or the looser associations of psychology.

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