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#1. Hands still in the air, Jordan reached back and gently caressed her cheek. Dying for this woman would be no hardship. He'd die a thousand times over if it would take away her pain.
Since he had every intention of living a long and healthy life with Eden at his side, he sincerely hoped Noah was on his way and dying wouldn't be necessary.
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#2. Go. Do what you have to do. Be the hero that you are ... but come back to me. There's more to Noah McCall than the head of Last Chance Rescue. I see that man. ... I love them both. Return to me, Noah. Please. - Mara to Noah
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#3. What is it?"
"You have to promise you'll never leave me."
Jordan grinned, delighted at her easy agreement.
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#4. He thoroughly intended to do some major grovelling. Olympic-style begging, if necessary.
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#5. Okay, babe, I'm here.
The front door smashed opened, slamming against the wall - the man didn't know how to turn a knob?
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#6. I don't want the world. I just want you.- McKenna
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#7. You know I want you?"

"Yes." Though it sounded breathless, she was proud to be able to utter even a single word.

"I usually get what I want."

A slight smile tickled at her lips. "Do I have a say in the matter?

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