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#1. So I have also tried to be honest. And the best way I have found to be honest is to tell you my story: a journey in and out of Calvinism. As Chesterton once confessed, sometimes you have to be egotistical if you want to be sincere.3 In this reminiscing, something became
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#2. There is a great distance between skepticism and confidence and an equally great distance between confidence and certainty. God helps us bridge the gap between skepticism and confidence, but he doesn't seem particularly concerned with building us a bridge from confidence to certainty. Due
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#3. No misery to be saved from . . . So evil is necessary, in order to the highest happiness of the creature, and the completeness of that communication of God, for which he made the world; because the creature's
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#4. Heart of belief there is a leap. For various biblical, rational, and experiential
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#5. I believe we best say yes to God's glory and sovereignty by saying no to Calvinism.
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#6. Faith, doubt, humility, and confidence - this is the stuff and substance of theology at its best. Swagger, smugness, and certainty - this is the stuff and substance of ideology at its worst.
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#7. Is easy, particularly if home has been a place of abuse or neglect. But oftentimes leaving home is difficult, especially if home has been a good place. Of course that is what home is meant to be: a good place, a place
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#8. [God is] the One who in absolute freedom loves absolutely.
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#9. The God of Romans 9–11 finds ways to show mercy, even when the facts clamor for judgment. This doesn't sound much like Calvinism to me, but it does sound a whole lot like Jesus.

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