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#1. So I prayed. I never pray. God and I have a bit of an estranged relationship. I know that He's still there. Surprisingly, I've never doubted His existence. Not even for a split second. Not even when I probably should have. But I did question what on Earth He was doing. I also spent a whole year being too fucking pissed off to speak with Him. And after that, I just didn't know what the hell to say anymore. Hence, why I never pray. But now, I fucking prayed. I didn't pray for Him to save her. That's not how things work between us. I prayed for the wisdom to know what she needed and the strength to be whatever that was.
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#2. Hooking both thumbs into my waistband, I rocked my hips from side to side, and slid the dress pants down my thighs.
As gravity took over, pooling the fabric at my ankles, I heard her say, "Sexy."
Bullshit. "Just so you know, I feel like an idiot."
"Just so you know, you're melting my panties."
With a sarcastic snort, I grabbed a knee to pull my leg free. "Are you even wearing panties?" Chances were slim.
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#3. The mere thought of her with another man is enough to drive me fucking insane. So, yeah, I'm not saying any of that bullshit about how my disability makes me a lesser man. Because it doesn't. Not for the most part. I'm just saying that she could definitely be better.
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#4. I'm not ashamed to admit I partake in an unhealthy amount of gawking when the man transfers about. Whether or not he's naked, the effect is no different. I morph into a drooling, Cale-obsessed fangirl. Giddy squeals. Hopeless sighs. It's pathetic, really. And, actually, clothing seems to do nothing but exacerbate the problem. Because the way his muscles bunch under crisp, clean cotton…

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