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#1. Taylor sighed. Going head-to-head with Sharpay on a school assignment was really beneath her. But the more Taylor considered it, the more she liked the idea of seeing her own poem in the paper. After all, the words "published poet" would look awfully good on those Ivy League college applications.

"You know what?" Taylor said.

"What?" Sharpay snapped.

Hands on hips, Taylor stepped forward till the girls were nose-to-nose. "Bring it on.
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#2. Jesse realized what he was doing. The man was trying to make her angry enough to give him what he wanted in the scene, mad enough to be completely submissive. "You want me to just lie there and like it? Just beg for it? gimme, gimme, come on, baby, fuck me, stick me, kill me, make me come, make me bleed, fuck me like there's no tomorrow, take it away from me, honey, fuck my mind, fuck me to death, fuck me dead! Is that what you want?"

Morrison looked at her, his smile actually growing, "that's a start.
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#3. Jason stood up. "I can do this. I know I can. I think I've actually got something."

"That's the spirit," said Troy. "Go ahead."

Jason nodded and began to speak:

"When I'm feeling down and kind of crazy,
I come down here to the cafeteria lady,
Sloppy joes, burgers, fries and spaghetti,
When I have a problem, she make me forget-ee."

Some groans came from the next table.

"What?" Jason asked, blinking blankly. "What's wrong with that poem?"

"Sorry to break the news," said Chad, "but there's no such word as 'forget-ee',
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#4. Sitting with some of the other members of the Scholastic Decathlon team, quiet, studious Martha Cox heard snatches of the lunchtime poetry. Her ears instantly pricked up.

"What's going on?" she asked, her eyes bright.

Betty Hong closed her book and leaned close. "Taylor McKessie told me all about it," she whispered. Betty told Martha about next week's poetry-reading assembly and how Taylor was trying to help half the starting basketball team locate their muse.

"That's totally fresh!" Martha cried. "Too bad I'm not in Ms Barrington's English class."

Betty made a face. "You like poetry stuff? I thought you were into maths and science."

"I like it all," Martha replied. "I love astronomy and hip-hop-"

Betty rolled her eyes. "Not hip-hop again."

"Word, girl," Martha replied. "You know I've been bustin' out kickin' rhymes for years. It helps me remember lessons, like last night's astronomy lecture."

"No," Betty said. "You didn't make up a rap to that."

"Just watch," Martha cried. Leaping out of her chair, she began to chant, freestyle:

"At the centre of our system is the molten sun,
A star that burns hot, Fahrenheit two billion and one.
But the sun, he ain't alone in the heavenly sphere,
He's got nine homeys in orbit, some far, some near.
Old Mercury's crowding in 'bout as close as he can,
Yo, Merc's a tiny planet who loves a tan....

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#5. Zeke stood up. He held the Tater Tot up to the sunlight streaming in through the cafeteria window. Some kids sitting at tables nearby took notice. They listened in as Zeke began to recite:

"Oh, Tater Tot, oh, Tater Tot, so tiny and round,
What an amazing potato taste in you I have found!
Crispy on the outside, soft and mushy inside -
What kind of mysterious potato do you hide?
Russet, white, Yukon gold or Idaho?
Are you mashed or baked or fried - I really don't know!
Mystery spud so tasty and round,
What an amazing lunchtime treat in you I have found."

Everyone at the table applauded, and Zeke bowed. The kids around him clapped and whooped and laughed.

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